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I worked Umpire last night at Southeast (Bradenton, FL) who hosted Venice.  Brian Poole had a big night until the middle of the third quarter when he left with a bad looking Rt Ankle injury (couldn't bear weight).

He ripped off about 150+ yards prior to that and in general Southeast HS looks pretty good.  He is fast...fastest guy on the field.  Good acceleration and made some nifty moves (used me as a screen on one TD play).

WKU, Florida, Nebraska were there...could have been more but I didn't get a lot of time to mill around.  WKU is looking at a Venice kid also..Dillard, I think his name is.

Venice has a brute of a RB, I didn't get a name (might be this Dillard kid) but easily 6' 2" and runs with some power and aggression...Venice has no O-line, but even so he had a big night.

Poole, is NOT 5' 10" (Closer to 6', we looked almost eye-to eye and I am 6'1") and although it's hard to tell with pads he is heavier than 170 that some sites have him at.  Well built and has solid frame.

Is there a site I can use to see if Michigan has a recruit at the school I will be working?



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Well, the O-line had some holes.  The Rt Guard was about 175 dripping wet.  Tough kid, but still.  The TailBack was a beast and QB looks solid, fast, not super accurate with the pass.  They ended up beating Southeast but kept starters in for the whole game, southeast rotated starters and did some things that would not do in a game (like 4 strait downs of their long passing game from inside their own 30).


Overall they should be ok in their division..they moved down this year.  They certainly play hard and they were in better condition than Southeast...they were dragging in the 4th Qtr...but it was 90 at game time, cooled to a muggy 80 when it was over.


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FHSAA realigned districts, Venice was class 5A last year and is class 7A this year and will be in a district with Sarasota HS, Manatee HS, and Braden River HS. Everyone has pretty much been mixed up. North Port and Sarasota Riverview (Venice didn't move down, NPHS and RHS moved up) are in 8A with East Lake HS and Palm Harbor University HS.


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They were fined and are on probation because they were recruiting players from other schools. Some of the players (at least one) had to sit out a year, they had to vacate some wins, etc. Their coaches were texting a kid who after a stint in a 2nd chance school was readmitted to his districted HS on the day that the FHSAA investigators were at the kids school. Danny Dillard also lives in the other schools district, as does Quaheem Kapinsky, 3 or 4 of the JV kids from last year and a couple of their freshman. I basically view Venice High School as I do the cheating sweatervest...and I am also a graduate of Venice HIgh School.



Also, I may be biased, but is it strange that a high school would advertise how many college recruiters they had on campus during spring practice on their website? Why other than recruitment purposes would this be done?


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MI high schools do 7 on 7 leagues, I played in one a few years back prior to my senior year. While they weren't directly affiliated with the high school my coach set up the roster and everything, also we played alot of other high schools that did the same including our rival that initially refused to play us cuz he was implimenting new plays and didn't want our team to see them prior to our game in the fall.


Edit: I agree with jmblue that is likely why there is no connection between the high school and these leagues, thats why we used our mascot instead of our school name


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Are you associated with the Michigan Athletic Department in any way?  Ex player, booster, etc.  Anyone you have a relationship with in the department?




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You should send an email to Mike Vollar (director of football operations).  Explain to him in the email that you are an Alum and an umpire for high school football and you recommend they check out player xxxxx.

He'll get it to the right person/coach.

At the 'player socials' they just had, he requested that we do that and that if the email came from a member of the "michigan football family" they would give it high priority.  Even though your not part of the football family, the fact that you are an official in florida probably will carry some weight.

Unsolicited, he asked us to do this... (this is the only thing we can do, without violating ncaa rules), so I think they'll take the email seriously. 

I had his email, but can't find it.. but i'm sure you can get it by calling the athletic department number or the victor's club number.



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Just a heads up, but Vollmar is actually listed as our "Associate Athletic Director for Football", while the title of "Director of Football Operations" belongs to Bob Lopez.  Does this change who he should contact, or should he still contact Vollmar via request/permission?

I managed to find both of their e-mail addresses using the "University of Michigan Online Directory".  They listed their titles as well, so it is in fact them and not just name doubles.

Vollmar-  [email protected]

Lopez-  [email protected] 



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Very good. Thanks. Did they mention any assistance other than "hey I think this kid is good". I could use a standard eval/observation type of form so the information is valuable/useable.
<br>Not that I want to get all informal recruiting guy..but I'm sure they want good info.


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No... they just said 'send them an email'.. but they seemed real sincere about it... I said "you guys are going to listen to what I say"  They said 'yes'.  If you part of the program, they would listen.

It seemed like there was just too much to do, especially out of state.  For example the coach in the mid atlantic (where I am) I think has New York down to the Carolinas.  There is no way they can keep up on every potential high school kid.


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I went to high school in Mi and graduated in 03. I remember doing some 7 on 7 stuff against a couple schools but it wasn't organized. For theses kids too have the opportunity to play in scrimages, spring games, practice with pads on, play in organized 7 on 7 leagues is great for them. I figured it was a reason we are behind up here in that regard. it already puts them in that college atmosphere making it a year round thing. we need to catch up in Mi. if we haven't yet. just my humble opinion.


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I graduated HS in 92 in FL and Spring football has been going on ever since I can remember. We are allotted 20 practice sessions which includes intersquad and intrasquad spring games.


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The MHSAA needs to re-evaluate its position on high school football rules.  Other states have taken a much more advanced/progressive approach to the game, which may explain why the bulk of  the top players seem to come from the south (or from states that allow things like spring practice, year-long sport specific training, etc..)




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I think one of the problems is the weather in Michigan.  Even if spring/winter practices were allowed, it would still be a pain in the ass to get kids outside and practicing when winter is so long.  At best you would be able to have a spring practice session, but Michigan would still be lagging behind those schools in the south that can practice in January and February.


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I realize this post is a few days old, perhaps you get this...Florida has spring ball beginning May 1st. From some of the Wormley posts it sounds as though you all have Track and Field and probably baseball going on through May, where we wrap those seasons up with finals in the first week of May. We have 20 sessions...we had an intrasquad scrimmage and an intersquad spring game (with no live special teams) in addition to 18 practice sessions (kids have to have 3 practices in helmets only before we go full gear/full contact.) Our school year runs through June 6th. If Michigan wanted to, I am sure they could do the same starting at May 15 and run through middle of June as many schools up north run that late from what I understand (They being after Labor Day).