Is Brian OK?

Submitted by w2j2 on August 31st, 2010 at 10:41 AM

After that post yesterday, I am a little worried about him!



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The night of the Woolfolk injury on his twitter...

my Twifficiency score is I HATE YOU

I'm drunk and I have a power drill! Things are looking up!

on the other hand i burned my elbow on my tea. things are looking down.

now i'm coughing.

stopped coughing.

These couches aren't going anywhere! #pwnedhardwoodfloors#nothingelsematters

ATTENTION TWITTER: I am drinking tea *and* an alcoholic substance I can no longer identify. If JT Floyd can multitask like this we're set.

you know you are an M fan when you eat leftover summer squash pakoras with american cheese and drink cointreau with diet seven up.


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I seem to recall that Brian's significant other is an awesome chef with her own cooking blog.  So don't feel bad about your diet of cheesburgers and turkey sandwiches -- I sure don't.


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That post sent me into a depressive cycle I'm unsure if I've escaped. My interest in UM football reached borderline obsessive this summer and yesterday I sat at my computer and wondered aloud on if I should even go.

AFAIK, he's working season preview and will likely return like a prodigal tulip by kickoff.


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Its like golf. It only takes that one great shot on the last hole to make you feel better about firing a 106.


Don't worry a couple big wins and he will get sucked right back in with that sweet sweet high of hope.


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Happens to me every damned time I play golf. Then, like Ground Hog Day, I live the whole experience over again the next time I play.

Seriously though, this site has become borderline phsychotic the last few weeks.  Snarky, low points posters trolling about. Brian totally freaking when Troy went down (and before that when Admissions denied Dorsey), alternately wildly optimisitc, and the world is ending posts, etc.

I think this all started when poor Olesnavage (I mean Zolton) missed the field goal and when Brown's attempted lateral to Huyge was called a forward pass against Purdue. Any hope for a bowl was lost in that 2nd half. From there UFRs were half hearted or non-existant, and Brian became secondary obsessive.

Since Troy went down, this site has been crazy: it doesn't feel like the haven it was last fall. Without a new major MSM attack, we haven't had a rallying point. [Think how different Mitch's interview with Rich, versus the Practice Gate Expose last year have made things for us.] Hopefully the start of the season will get us back into a rhythm of Monday press conferences, previews and UFRs, and (like with small children) the routine will help us all settle into normal humans again.

As for Brian's Kryptonite: hopefully the D line and the linebackers can put enough pressure on opposing quarterbacks early in the season, until our patchwork of redshirt freshmen, and guys converted from other positions get up to speed enough as the season progresses.


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Although I was a tad surprised by the utter emo-ness of yesterday's post, I feel like Brian has been building to that moment ever since, after a game late last year, he asked: "So when can we get rid of this guy?"

My sense is that - like me - Brian feels that a perfect shitstorm has combined to send Rich Rod's tenure into a likely death spiral.  We can still pull it out - and I am hopeful - but the odds are not looking good right now.  No sugarcoat.

Ty Butterfield

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I think Brian is probably just frustrated or depressed. Maybe both. His analysis of the secondary was what I would call "true, but rude". I understand why some people were turned off by that. However, I would much rather have an honest analysis of the situation. Trying to put a "positive" spin on the situation isn't going to help anybody. I hate when people sugar-coat things and I appreciate that Brain did not do this. I know a lot of us visit the blog everyday but Brain is much more immersed in this then everyone else. As mentioned, the last two years have been horrible. Now it seems that whenever we think there is a light at the end of the tunnel it is really a freight train bearing down on the football team. I am at the point where I don't think I can watch games live on TV anymore because it is just too painful. However, I still have season tickets because deep down in places I don't talk about at parties I hope that things will turn around. Woolfolk going out just seemed to be the last straw. I still visit the site everyday and look forward to Unverified Voracity and Brian's other analysis.


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That place is all freakin roses and platitudes.  You can only "like" things there.  I don't understand extending that mentality here.

I prefer someone telling it like it is, good and bad.

True, he was a little harsh, but stop telling me these guys are "kids" - they are old enough to serve and die in our military, as many did in Nam, and if they man up they will take the criticism, work harder, and become better players.

Enjoy Life

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Some folks on the site have been posting that we should not criticize any of the players because it will scar them for life.

The OP was just giving an example that these are not helpless kids and a little criticism is the least of the worries for several hundred thousand 18-22 year olds.

Enjoy Life

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If you think that was bad, wait until he posts his predictions for year.

He is a true Michigan fan (uh, make that insatiable?) but will not ignore the facts and just post a rosy picture.

That is one of the primary reasons this is the best (and most visited) college sports blog.

Anyone want him to stop the UFRs and just post how wonderful the world is every day?


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I was trying to figure out why he told the NYC alumni that he thinks RR isn't going to make it, since his prediction in Hail to the Victors was the opposite. The only thing I can think of that's really changed since then is Woolfolk going down. Also maybe the fact that one of the sophomore QBs hasn't completely taken charge. I don't know.

But I hope that the cure is coming, one Saturday at a time for the next 12 weeks.


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I have hope. Maybe for sanity sake Brian is on safer ground than me. One more year like the last 2 and I may be done. Having no expectations means no disapointment. I may be setting myself up for a meltdown but I have a gut feeling we are gonna be good because of the unity this years team has.


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and Chitown and the WLA gang have been named the starters for this weekend.  A tough decision, but a change had to be made to pull him out of his Morrissey-fueled funk.


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I wouldn't worry about Brian.  He will rise again to his normal state.  Hopefully after this weekend when he realizes we're a lot better then he's been projecting us to be.  However should he decide to take a bath with the toaster he has the right pieces in place for the blog to continue.  lol