Brian Kelly..."Where's your Messiah now?"

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Two years ago when BK was announced as the replacement of Charlie Weiss their were many on this board that were both concerned he was the next Rockne and wishing he was standing on our own sideline.  You know who you are the Edward G. Robinson's of MGoBlog.

After the abomination that was Charlie Weiss I never imagined anyone could be worse when dealing with the media and representing a University but ND found themselves this puple faced Grimace who routinely throws his players under the bus in post game pressers.  Last years team was split in loyalty as players recruited by Weiss and supportive of Dayne Crist watched in horror as the kid was vilified by his coach by halftime of the first game.  The behavior eventually (purple face) had to be addressed by the ND administration.  It is one thing to get upset with a player and give it to him accordingly (see Schembechler) but to humiliate and embarrass both you and the player in the process is uncalled for...I would call Brian a Jackass but why disrespect a Donkey like that?

Besides his poor temperament BK's in game coaching decisions also leave much to be desired.  Kelly despises running the football.  Running the football in the BK system is a necessary evil as it limits his goal of 60 passes per game.  Third and two and Kelly would prefer to spread you 4-5 wide with a 60% chance of throw for the first to 40% run...even if he is playing Navy.  Because Kelly insists on throwing 65% of the time the defense is constantly on the field.  Although talented the defense does not disguise anything that I can tell.  By the third quarter the ND defense is gassed and predictable and plays less then inspired.

So now the offensive coaching staff has been pilfered by Urban Meyer (O-Line coach and Running Backs coach to OSU and three coaches on the offense total) and words like, "synergism" and "shared vision" are coming out of Grimace's mouth now.  Purple Face will evaluate anything but himself and you have to love the spin of Urban Meyer raiding your staff as a chance to evaluate...

“When you do not reach the goals that you’re looking to reach, it’s not just about your players,” Kelly said. “You have to evaluate players. You have to evaluate systems. You have to evaluate coaches. And today was to announce what I believe are some significant improvements within our staff that are going to allow us to move forward. We believe our foundation has been set.”

So I believe it shows itself when you get into the practice area, it shows itself on game day. And when you have that, where everybody's on the same page, that's where it becomes, nobody sees it. 'Boy they look pretty good today.' Well, it's probably because we're all on the same page."

Brian Kelly is in a most delightful of ND schadenfreude coaching death spirals to date.  His demise is inevitable because at the end of the day he just cant be anything but himself both on and off the field.


yossarians tree

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I remember when I used to dislike Notre Dame. Now they just mildly annoy me and i wish they were off our schedule because they basically suck. Most years they could not win the MAC. The only thing that puzzles me is how they continue to pull big-time recruits, especially recruits who might otherwise seriously consider Michigan. Why? Even the "Notre Dame Magic" has been gone for like 20 years. They haven't been good since Lou Holtz left.


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It's "inherent within," not "inherit within."

Quite ironic (yes, ironic, not coincidental) that the guy who created this meme spent all that time attempting to sound eloquent, only to blow it at the very end.



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You guys remind me of Dantonio. Let the man talk.

I'm not sure if it's because the board software here sucks so hard that people lose patience far too quickly or if it's because of some other reason,  but this is by far the least tolerant board I visit. Reactions like this make me want to stop visiting.

The guy made a post. It's on topic. It's clear. It's written well enough. It's all good. Stop trying to one-up each other with your stale gif memes. All your posts are belong to 2001.


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What is your primary language? 

That post, no offense, is terrible. The spelling mistakes start in the first sentence and continue on throughout the post. Sentence structure is suspect at best in many instances.

Much information is included which seems to be anectodal at best. Passing % and second half defense are noted without any data supporting the rants.

Not his best work.


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It's not a stellar post. But the reaction against it is worse. It's embarrassing. This is what the UM board does? Pile on a guy whose English isn't immaculate? Maybe English isn't his first language. Maybe he just plain doesn't write well. So what? He writes well enough to make his point. Or are we piling on him because he rants without footnotes? Come on. This is teh interwebz. I can haz wrantz.

The intensity with which many folks here attack people for posting off-topic, dull, or redundant material is strange to me. I suppose that a lot of people enjoy posting and reading Disney "No one cares" gifs. I'm not one of those people. It strikes me as provincial. Perhaps I'm in the minority on that, perhaps Patrick Stewart cursing is the height of urbanity to the majority, but even then, I wonder why it has to be directed at a guy who just wants to be part of the community. Frankly some of the photoshopped stuff is funny, but right now it seems like the photoshoppers are Don and the OP is Napoleon.