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You could try use the HTML image tag in your post, like so:


 img src="whatever url" placed between a "<" and a "/>" (no quotes). The Rich Text Formatter's image embedding mechanism is...unique.

Attempting to do that here:

<img src=""/>


Edit: Looks like a no. I'm not sure how to just do it in text.


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To add an image in a comment find the picture you want online, right click on it and select "copy image url". Go to write a comment like you normally would but click on the "Image" icon on the top toolbar. Paste the image url into the "URL" box. Now you're a picture postin son of a gun. 


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So, who faced the wrath of the purple face when the camera wasn't rolling?

The apparatus itself?

The running back?

The person who set up the gauntlet?

The cameraman?

Section 1

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A gantlet is comprised of parallel lines of obstructions through which an athlete or a military trainee (or even, in ancient times, a captive undergoing punishment) runs.

Because of the "track" imagery, the term gantlet also denotes a certain configuration for railroad tracks.

A gauntlet is an armored glove.

Now, I realize that this has come up in numerous newspaper and style-manual disputes.  And common usage has moved more toward universal employment of "gauntlet."

But we aren't common at Michigan, are we?


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"Hook and Tattle" in 1933. When the coaching staff needed a name for their crazy, end-of-game desperation, they named it the "Hook and Tattle" since if it worked, they'd feel like they were getting away with something. In 1964, they changed it to "Hook and Lateral" for fear of the "pot-smoking liberal hippies" from Stanford catching on to their doings.



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I like how the equipment held its block and didn't offer an opening to the RB. I am thinking that there might even be a battle between this and Carlo Clabrese at ILB right now actually. 


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He said its backwards, He KNOWs it is backwards and runs full blast into it.  I am sure purple face loves that someone just ran into a wall for him.  I would be called uncoachable because I would not run into a wall for him or anyone else.  I guess that is partly why I am typing and not playing football that and the lack of size, speed, strength and an over abundance of tummy roles.