Brian Kelly is a douchebag

Submitted by orobs on September 4th, 2011 at 1:58 AM

Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a coach act like such a disgrace as Kelly today.  Completely belittled some of his players in front of a national audience.  He makes Bo Pellini look like Mother Teresa.  I cannot imagine how any 18 year old kid would wanna play for this guy.   In case anyone is curious what it looks like to blow an aneurysm in real time, I present:





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I am actually pretty curious about what he called him, I doubt it was not quite as kind as 'loser'.  I would say the transcript reads:

"You f***ing kidding me... You f***ing [vision obscured by helmet]" but I think that last one was asshole. 


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i don't know if it was just the color on the tv i was watching when this happened but that was the most red i have ever seen a person's head. i was torn between laughing and being horrified.


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No, the guy was atomic red. Like the surface of Mars or something.

At one point I could see he scalp where he is balding, and that was beat red.

His reaction to the Crist endzone INT was equally embarrassing ans funny at the same time.

Watching those rants make me LOL while also feeling uncomfortable. Its kinda weird.

Dark Blue

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Jesus Christ, I don't know if its the age we live in our that most of you people are too young to remember, but BOTH BO AND WOODY used to have tirades like that. Kelly was pissed and for good fucking reason, that reciever ran a lazy route which resulted in a turnover. People sometimes need to be yelled at. 


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But did Bo direct his tirades at the players? Or the refs?

All the highlights I have seen of Bo show him screaming at officials.

But Kelly cusses out players and assistant coaches like crazy.

I almost feel bad for Crist, that guy looks like an abused puppy. Scared to make a mistake.

Now, I didn't grow up in the Bo era so I could be wrong in my assessment. If so please straighten me out.


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He also yelled at the fans (collectively) when we did the wave the first time.  (It probably interrupted his offense's snap cadance when we had run up a gazillion to zero lead.)  He ran onto the field, faced the student section, and waved his arms and stomped his feet.  We laughed, even though we loved him.


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Bo yelled at anyone within earshot, and his vocabulary was definitely colorful and complete.  Neither Bo nor Woody would be allowed to coach today.  They would get railroaded in the Leach/Leavitt/Mangino mode.  

If you want politically correct, football probably isn't your game.  If yout want discipline, it means people are going to get yelled at and feelings might get hurt.  Big fucking deal.  Kelly may or may not be a giant douchebag, but holding players personally responsible for their own mistakes is not a determining factor.

They lost to fucking USF.  USF is my adopted "home" team, and  I am extremely happy about the result, but I can still see what a monumental fuck-up it is on ND's part to lose to USF in South Bend.  They lost to a team of two-stars, three-stars, and transfers.  Kelly has every right to be extremely pissed at his team's performance.  And if that means ruffling a few feathers, so be it.  

They are playing a violent sport where a split-second lack of attention by a player can result in a debilitating injury for either the player or a teammate.  Kelly is correct to do whatever he can to ensure that they are paying attention.  It might not seem like it, but it really is for their own good.  If they can't take it, maybe a less-violent "sport" like beer pong would be a better idea.


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You can be tough and disciplined without being abusive. 

Michigan, of course, has never had an abusive coach. Right? Right? Not Woody Hayes abusive, or Charlie Bradshaw abusive, for sure. 


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I would say there's a big difference between the way Bo did it and the way Kelly did it yesterday. Bo talked about building guys up during the game, breaking them down in practice. Not the other way around. Besides, when Bo yelled at you, it was because you were letting the team down. To me, Kelly just looks like he's yelling because the players are letting HIM down. It seems subtle, but it is a very important distinction.

Of course, Bo wasn't a saint...but most of his discipline had a specific purpose. The yelling that Kelly did yesterday had no purpose...I'm fairly sure that WR didn't need to be chewed out, he knew the moment the ball doinked him on the head that he made a big mistake. No sense in breaking him down any further.


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Letting Kelly down and letting the team down are the exact same thing.  Don't let your Michigan colored glasses fool you into thinking that somehow this is a weakness.  Sure, he looks like a tool on TV, but 5 turnovers, 3 in the red zone would probably make my head explode with rage.

I would be willing to bet that most of the people talking shit on the board would react in much worse ways if they were in his situation.  ND was completly outplaying USF.  The should have easily won.

Kelly has had success in every stop in his coaching career.  Either this was a one time meltdown, or his MO.  If it's a one time thing, its pretty understandable.  If this is his way of doing things, it's been pretty successful.  Either way, it doesn't make any difference for this week's game.


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Let's not rewrite history.  Bo yelled and screamed at his players constantly, during games and on TV.  He did not care.  He would grab players facemasks so they could not get away and scream right in their face.

I worked with a guy that played for Bo when Bo was still at Miami OH.  He said that Bo was the meanest SOB he ever knew.  That's just the way FB coaches were back in the day.


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There's a difference between yelling at a player and totally losing your shit.  I can remember Bo yelling at guys who were out of position, blew a play, ran a lazy route, etc...  This is clearly not that.  This is clearly a guy who has lost his shit. This is a guy berating a player because team is about to lose and the coach is embarrassed.  I worked in some of the top restaurants in the area and if there is anyone close to a head football coach, it's an executive chef.  I once had one of the best chefs I ever worked for tell me, "If a Chef yells at you and makes personal attacks, belittles you, or degrades you, he's not a very good Chef.  He's attacking you because he didn't prepare you properly for what was going to happen that night.  If a Chef yells at you about your performance, preperation, your plating, or your execution.  It's because he knows you're capable of doing better then what you are."  He was one of the biggest hard asses I ever met.  He'd yell fro beginning to end of a rush.  But he never once got personal with any of us.  And at the end of the night, he would shake your hand and thank you for youe hard work.  There's a big difference and f you've ever been in both of these situations then you can spot each of them from a mile away.


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...but I think the fundamental difference is that when Bo yelled at you it was because you'd let down your teammates. When Kelly yells it's because you've let down Brian Kelly.

And that's another difference you can spot from a mile away.

What was interesting to me was that in this one case that's getting the tv time, Jones really had run a lazy route and some anger might have been called for. But in the context of a game's worth (and probably more, but practices are closed) of indiscriminate ranting, the message doesn't get through.


September 4th, 2011 at 1:58 PM ^

He blew up after a loss and punched a member of the opposing team. This is after episodes where he assaulted members of the media. I don't think Woody is such a great example.

Bo was a little different. Yes, he clearly got angry, but he never lost control. The thing that concerns me about Kelly is that he looks like he might lose control.


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What exactly did he say? He dropped a few "f" bombs and without a doubt seems very aggressive towards his players but unless he actually directed insults at them its within the 'limits'.

Glad he isn't our Coach... Hoke is intense while simultaneously smooth.


September 4th, 2011 at 3:34 AM ^

He looked completely out of control.  It is one thing to be pissed about poor play but it looked like all he had in his coaching toolbox was to scream. 

Maybe he could try actual teaching to help his players improve or make an adjustment or two.  All he had was blame.  The ND Nation board had some comments about players tuning him out.  When all someone has for me is to yell, I tune them out too.


September 4th, 2011 at 3:59 AM ^

There's a subtle line between speaking with demanding authority and being an asshole.  I think Kelly crossed it.

Also he reminds me of the whiny, bitchy coaching style of Spurrier, who I also hate.

Yelling only works if you yell what they are supposed to be doing.  Insults only create negativity.  Calling a kid a f-cking a--hole isn't going to make him understand how to play his position.

And yes I'm posting at 4am.  insomnia's a bitch.  Or maybe it's the Wendy's double not-sitting-well and allergies going insane combo I've got going tonight.