BRIAN: insider bits(!)

Submitted by Brian on August 31st, 2012 at 5:59 PM

I have acquired some insider bits from a few different sources of late. I will put them here. None of these have been confirmed by a second source, but all are credible. (Obviously.) Take them in the spirit of insidery message board info. 

1. Michigan is in good shape for 2014 GR Christian OL Tommy Doles. 

2. Gardner is basically a WR at this point. Faith in Bellomy is high, at least for any hypothetical week in which Denard gets dinged. Gardner is expected to compete at QB next year and a longer-term injury would force M to re-evaluate. 

3. Borges won't overhaul the offense until Denard is gone, and after that it does sound like a highly multiple offense with tight ends all over and formations switching willy-nilly. 

4. Norfleet is "making people look foolish" on kick returns and everyone is very high on him. He's fast, too. Needs 10-15 pounds before he's a serious every-carry threat; once he gets that he will be a real contender for feature back carries. [Srs. I didn't make this up.]

5. Darboh and Chesson will be hard to keep off the field, especially Darboh. Jerald Robinson is "good" but it sounds like the two freshmen are in the process of passing him. This is both good and bad, IME.

6. Rawls is pretty good, and is more than Fred Jackson uber-hype. Fitz is still on another level. Once he's cleared he'll be the man. 

7. IL CB Parrker Westphal is going to take his time; don't expect anything quick in that department. 

8. The DL is "legit." Campbell is "the real deal." I know, this would be wonderful and is hard to believe, but this is just me playing careful stenographer.

9. Michigan has so many different fronts now that their base set as announced (Roh-QW-Campbell-Black) probably won't even get a plurality of the snaps. Michigan will get some snaps from Ash.



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That was such a special treat that I feel like Brian is either a) heavily medicated or b) not Brian.

Either way, thanks and giddy up!


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Awesome stuff! Can't believe you blessed us with this information. Just curious, but are your sources usually overly excited or often critical of the hype? Just trying to balance my emotions and not get too high right now.


Everyone Murders

August 31st, 2012 at 6:16 PM ^

I kid, I kid.  This is like a maraschino cherry on top of the sundae of this week's content. 

Particularly glad to hear that Norfleet is turning heads on returns.  Maybe this will take special teams to rarefied (for us, lately) meh+ territory?

death by wolverine

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Why not Funchess as a wide receiver? Watching his film it looks like he's got a while to go on his blocking. Plus I think hen could contribute as a wideout now considering our other receivers aren't that proven yet.


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2.) I have heard some rumblings that Gardner is instantly our best WR and "elite" when he plays the position.  The staff obviously needed to feel comfortable with Bellomy in order to allow this to occur in the first place. 

4.)  Norfleet was a great late pickup by Hoke last year.  Wouldn't it be something if he was our version of Sproles?  I hope he takes the opening kickoff to the house, would really give the team a boost.

6.) I've heard similar reports regarding Rawls and Fitz.  Fitz has the advantage in terms of wiggle and vision with the latter Rawls will only improve in with game experience.  I believe that Rawls will be fine in this game because of his power which will give us more positive gains even if he isn't as explosive.

8.) I'm not sure what to think about the DL situation.  I've heard conflicting reports to this opinion about Campbell.  I know he will be solid against out B1G schedule, but against an OL like Bama I'm not sure.



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anyone have advice on the best mobile app/site to get up-to-the-minute CFB scores and PbP?

I am set for M - MgoBlog and WTKA on I-Heart - but will be unfortunately on a jobsite most of the day tomorrow prior to our game and hope to know as soon as OSU, PSU, and ND lose (wishful thinking).

Thanks in advance.  Go Blue!!

Gob Blueth

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In addition to ESPN ScoreCenter there's also a dedicated ESPN CFB app.  It doesn't work remarkably better or anything, but it does give you the ability to flag certain games to be displayed on one panel, and gives you scores, last play, and time updates live for each.  Still buggy and laggy, but decent.

Mr. Yost

August 31st, 2012 at 6:25 PM ^

Norfleet: +1 for the star gazers that were BEGGING the staff to take Norfleet after he dominated the 7v7 circuit. I'm just happy that Vince Smith, Gallon, Dileo and Norfleet may have given this staff the confidence in the little guys.

Offense Post-Denard: IMO it'll look a lot like the Patriots offense with some wildcat/spread option type stuff sprinkled in

Darboh: Heard he's currently fringe 2-deep (not counting the slot guys)

DL: I've got a boner from Brian's comments. YESSSS!!!

DL pt 2: Yup still there.

DL pt 3: Yup...jk, but continuing with the line...I think "multiple" is the word to describe them. I think "versitle" is another. I'm going to enjoy watching Mattison use them all to their strengths.


Chick Evans

August 31st, 2012 at 6:30 PM ^

Good stuff. I'm especially excited to see Gardner at WR, someone with his athleticism needs to be on the field. I wouldn't be surprised to see him make a few throws from there this season either. 

Also, fantastic news about Norfleet after all the suffering on special teams over the past few years. 


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Cool update, thanks Brian. We have reasons to be optimistic. If Denard can throw, Michigan can win. Punt returns might be exciting for Michigan in a good way.

Is there a pop quiz on Saturday for all this week’s material . . . say around 8:00 ET? 


August 31st, 2012 at 7:31 PM ^

in the hour or so since he posted the prediction, so the assumption is yes.

Since it's all good news, though, it would change my prediction from 10-4 to 11-3.  Especially the DL bit. 


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Good god I hope the MGOMASSES are right about Rawls. It's one thing to do it in practice vs. doing it when the bullets are flying against Bama. Fitz Is just sick with his vision and making people miss, plus he runs tough. So happy to hear that we finally have a legit return threat. I think the receiver core will come along just fine.