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Per ESPN Insider Scouts' Preview to uMich v. PSU:

It appears as if coach Rich Rodriguez is leaning toward starting Denard Robinson over Tate Forcier at quarterback this week. Robinson replaced a struggling Forcier two weeks ago against Iowa and saw the majority of snaps against Delaware State last week. Both should see action this Saturday and will need to be more productive throwing the ball to improve an offense that has been inconsistent lately, aside from gashing the FCS foe last week.

Someone knock this one down for me..

Don't get me wrong I love what d-rob brings to the table but tate should (will) be the starter with shoelace mixed in.

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It's been discussed here and shot down. The majority opinion was that the writer is a moron. Robinson got the majority of the snaps last week for a variety of reasons.

1. Tate's health
2. Denard needs/needed more reps.
3. It was Delaware Fucking State.

Not because RichRod is leaning towards him being the starter over Tate for any reason other than RichRod may want to run a D-Rob play first, which is doubtful.


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Tate still started last week and he was still kinda banged up so this is B.S. I'd say a %50 Tate would still get the start over shoelace. Not a knock against shoelace buy he is just so limited in the playbook and throwing ability right now all he needs is more time. I would have liked to see him make more throws against DSU than what he made just to get as much throws in as possible.

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Don't see what the big deal is. Aren't Tate, D-Rob and Nick Sheridan still co-#1 on the depth chart?

I thought this thread was about AJ Daulerio being an asshole...which is another fact that needs no further analysis.