Brian channeling Lou Holtz?

Submitted by Ziff72 on September 29th, 2011 at 10:22 AM

I know as Michigan fans we walk around on egg shells after the last few years and I understand the trepidation as we enter B1G play, but here is what I have learned from Brian the past 2 weeks.

1. On the Podcasts they have determined from using their eyes and talking to Jamiemac that the Big Ten is terrible this year.  I agree. In particular MSU's oline and Nebraska's defense and passing game are much worse than expected.

2. Brian raved about the defensive performance on the UFR and on his WTKA Hour appearance. So if you believe our secondary was good or Lindley was terrible Brian thinks the secondary is good.

3. We know Brian has looked into adoption proceedings with Denard.

So........when asked abou the MSU-OSU game he said he didn't know who he was going to root for yet and when C. Ross said you have to root for OSU because of the division records Brian said we aren't winning our division this year so this year it won't really matter?

Do you think Brian is pulling a Lou Holtz here and talking up William and Mary or is he refusing to open up his heart despite what his head is telling him for fear of his heart being smashed again?




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When Holtz was coaching, he couldn't stop downplaying his own team's chances and talking up the opponent.  I think that's what the OP's going for.  Then Holtz became a commentator and suddenly was convinced ND would never lose again.  A very strange metamorphosis.


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I keep forgetting everyones not my age.   Lou Holtz was once what I thought the best 1 game coach in the country.  I loved the way his teams played and in a 1 game(big game scenario) I thought he was the best at coming up with the correct motivation and scheme adjustment to win games he was overmatched athletically.  

What he does now for ESPN is embarrassing to his legacy.  


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In the late 80's, early 90's, his ND teams did very well against top competition (3-1 against Bo, beat the Miami juggernaut in 88, beat #1 FSU in 93).  The other coach that was really good then was Paterno.  Beating Miami in 1986 to win the national title was amazing.

Both those coaches seemed to be able to win on the big stage when overmatched.  It is something unfortunately that I think Michigan has often lacked.


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I loved those ND games when he beat the South.  I hated all the Florida schools and he gave each one(Mia, FSU, Fla) a big loss. 

It was not just ND though.   He beat #1 Michigan while at Minnesota with Rickie Foggie(our 1st running qb debacle?) His greatest upset may have been at Arkansas when he upset #1 Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl with some of his key players suspended for the game.


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I don't think it's that strange.  When Holtz was coaching Notre Dame and gave those endless interviews talking up his opponents, everyone in the world could tell he was full of crap.  You knew he rarely ever believed what he was saying.  But as a coach, you don't want to provide bulletin board material for your opponents.    for         

When he became a commentator, he could be as big of a homer as he wanted.  ND's opponents weren't going to care about what an old tool (who can barely talk) on ESPN says. 


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. . . and we still think he is full of crap and don't believe a word he is saying.

I always use Holtz as an example of the "pedestal" phenomenon.  You take some one who occupies a pedestal position like a rock star, a movie star, or the coach of ND . . . and whatever comes out of their mouth is treated like sage words of wisdom, no matter how strange (in fact, the stranger the more he must be a genius).

Then when that person occupies just an ordinary position like TV commentator side kick, you realize that all those things that came out of his mouth we not mysterious genius, they were just innane chatter.  That's Lou Holtz.




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that's what makes this season so exhilerating...or heart-breaking.  If we perform at or above expectation essentially turning the same underperformers into winners, Hoke will be on the path to Legendom.


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I think we have a fan base that has the right to be optimistic that 9-3 is possible, dare I say probable, this season... and after the last 4 years (yes, including 2007) that feels awfully good.

All our Hopes About Hoke are coming to fruition; Mattison is better than advertised; and Borges is the exact opposite of GERG/RR in respect to adapting to his players' strengths

Holtz channeling or a collective sigh of much needed relief?   Overzealous and subjective-based opinions... maybe.  But F it... we deserve it!!!

And we actually have hard evidence that our lofty expectations may be justified.  Preach on Brother Brian...  I'm in the galley and I'm a waiven' my arms and screamin' AMEN!!!



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Still don't think this will happen yet.  If we can dominate Minn, and win against NW on the road, then I will believe.  But I still haven't seen our team play well in all aspects through a complete game.  Not to mention that if we can't get a passing game working, teams will but 9 in the box and shut down our O.  The only way we can win is if we can beat them over the top.  Our D, for however much improved, still isn't good enough for us to score 13 points and have a chance at winning.


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There are a lot more upperclassmen and less true freshmen on the field this year.  B1G teams won't have a physical advantage this year, due to chronology and naturally-occuring HGH.  There is no boys against men scenario for the first time since 2007.


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this creature seen below whenever he makes any college football predictions that say a team will have success as he only wears a Lou Holtz like disguise during his reign on earth!


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Your last 24 hours on the board have been epic.
<br>The best part is that you keep doing it! And it's not just double or triple posts, we are talking 50+ repetitive posts. Keep up the good work. The board could use a bit of humor at your expense after all the whining and complaining that has been going on over the last week.


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In relation to the rest of the B10, they still have a crapload of talent, and most of the same coaching staff that Tressel had. They'll suffer for the same reason that most teams suffer: they will have issues at QB due to inexperience (Miller) and/or talent (Bauserman), and at whatever other positions they're young at.

People who think all of a sudden that OSU is going to become Illinois are deluding themselves.


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This has been going on for a while.  People for various reasons seem to refuse to believe this is a very good team.

In addition to simply underrating our own team/players because a lot of guys struggled as freshmen/sophomores, they fail to realize just how historically good the Big Ten was recently.  Michigan State won the most games in school history last season.  Iowa (in addition to winning the Orange Bowl) just had the best two-year performance in the NFL draft in school history (by far) with 12 guys getting picked, 5 of whom went in the first three rounds.  Illinois also had 5 guys picked in the first three rounds in that span, something that hadn't happened since the mid-1960's. 

These teams are/were all poised for big dropoffs at the same time Michigan is poised for a huge improvement.