Brent Petway feature

Submitted by AC1997 on January 15th, 2015 at 4:52 PM

Over at UMHoops today they had a feature summarizing the progress of former Michigan basketball players in the NBA.  (link)

That got me thinking about other former players who are playing professionally in other leagues.  While pondering the creation of a Diary to summarize these guys I started my search at and on the front page there is a special feature on Brent Petway.  It is mostly fluff, but as a former fan favorite and it being a slow sports day I thought I'd post it here:




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The one Michigan basketball player that surprised me the most in the NBA is Jamal Crawford. Who knew he would become one of the best 6th men in NBA history while he was in AA....


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I did my study abroad work in Athens and while there, the two Athens area teams were in some sort of playoff and the fans rioted every game. They explained to me that they preferred it on a club level to soccer because their teams were good enough to compete with all of Europe.

Also, Athens is sweet and much love to Air Georgia 


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M memorabilia- Petway game worn jersey. Given to me by a mutual (spartan) friend, on his deathbed. He and Brent were very close. "youre my best friend, give this to your son. Its a Petway jersey, the most athletic basketball player i have ever seen. From one great guy to another".

I've (secretly) worn it a couple times during tourney games, and while it doesnt have any absolute game-magic, it reminds me of my favorite Spartan Mike. And that's pretty damn cool. Its going in a case for the wall to be hung in my mancave. And my boy can take it out anytime he wants to shoot hoops in the driveway.

Go Blue Brent.

And Sparty On Mike. Miss you every day.