Brenemen To PSU

Submitted by Mr.Mario86 on March 9th, 2012 at 7:44 PM
No surprise here, pretty close in my opinion between Ohio and PSU. If PSU keeps recruiting at that level they should be solid.



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No surprise...except to Buckeye fans.

O'Brien is putting together a nice little class there...amazingly, the third best class after us and Ohio.


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PSU getting top recruits seems to hurt OSU a lot more than Michigan- is that due to recent thinking with OSU stealing PSU recruits and this- or is PSU getting top guys likely a good thing (relative to UM-OSU rivalry) for Michigan because it will keep OSU down with recruiting more than us


March 9th, 2012 at 8:10 PM ^

The thinking is that because PSU is in Ohio's division, it's in our interest for O'Brien to win every head-to-head recruiting battle with Meyer if the prospect has eliminated us or if we haven't offered him. 

I think Hoke should become PSU's best recruiter the way Woody Hayes was Notre Dame's best recruiter. 


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At urbie? Must have a higher rated TE he's going after. Wait Brenemen is the #1 TE for 2013. This must be a mistake, i was under the impression urbie was the best recruiter in the congrats PSU on a great get


March 9th, 2012 at 8:03 PM ^

Maybe the O'Brien hire will be for Penn State what the Hoke hire was for us: after being initially greeted with skepticism and disappointment, he'll turn out to be just what the program needed. Who knows? Not every Patroits OC who follows Charlie Weis' path is destined to end up like Weis. 


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But....Urban offered him, that should have made him a lock right? Damn, I guess this kid missed that memo. Either way a strong PSU hurts ohio in that state nicely. Then Hoke who has solid roots in ohio always help. Then you add urbans national to local recruiting style and this might blow up in his face nicely.

South TX MFan

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Great pick up for PSU and they're off to a strong start overall. PSU winning recruiting battles with OSU is a good thing. OSU's class last year wouldn't have been nearly as strong had they not been able to raid PSU's cupboard after the scandal. 4 of their 14 4* and 1 of their 2 5* recruits were a direct result of that.


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This is perfect and why sometimes the best thing to do is just recruit your own backyard. They should have gotten Butt or atleast Matuska. They decide to slow play two guys with the hopes of landing the Big Dawg and whiff. Meanwhile we come in and clean house. I dont think it really hurts them in this specific situation that bad, but if this style contiues not only we will "get a couple" in the words of Sam Webb, but we will set up shop!


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I love love love that Urban has allowed the gates of Fortress Ohio to remain open. If he fails, people will probably point to this as one of the big reasons

EDIT: My bad. I thought Brenemen was from Ohio. Still good to take a guy off the board who might've gone to OSU otherwise


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Wonder if the kids who switched last year from PSU are regretting it. They jumped ship on what they thought was a sinking ship but now they are looking good again. They obviously loved the school at one point and maybe all their lives. Now they get to just watch.

The Truth Hurts

March 9th, 2012 at 9:24 PM ^

Man if Penn STate would have hired the coach earlier maybe urb couldn't have stole the other penn state committs.   I say give all coaches a chance to see what they got to offer.  plus o'brien has collge experience so he knows how to recruit.  Now if Dantonio would stop taking everybody's scrap and start hitting the recruiting trail, we can really hit Ohio.  The wall around the borders of Ohio that tressel locked down is open for all comers.  

Roy G. Biv

March 9th, 2012 at 9:45 PM ^

I wonder if the PSU brand is still strong enough to pull recruits--or is the new coaching staff stepping up their game?  As with everything, I'm sure the truth lies somewhere in between.  Perhaps PSU isn't the charred husk of a program most think it is/will be.


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pro-style tight end want to come to a team with a spread offense featuring a young QB with questionable throwing skills??!!111" ----Ohio Fans


I lam looking forward to watching Ohio fans go through the same stages of disbelief and rationalization that we did when switching to the spread.under RR.


March 9th, 2012 at 10:06 PM ^

I just can't wait to see them during the course of this recruiting year when they slowly realize that players from around the country aren't tripping over themselves to play for Ohio and/or Urban. Some of them are already starting to realize that you need to lock up your own backyard and then grab elite talent from around the country instead of swinging for the fences with every recruit. They will end up with a good to great class but it won't be approaching the level that some of the Ohio fanboys think it will be with a high 4 or 5* for every scholarship.


March 9th, 2012 at 10:33 PM ^

will do quite well recruiting all-in-all, though not nearly as well as the fans down south believe.


What I was getting at was that it was very hard for us to understand under RR why certain highly-rated kids wouldn't come to Michigan (because it was MICHIGAN fergodsakes)  In hindsight it was clear that a lot of star ratings are based on NFL potential and some of those skillsets don't fit the spread offense.  Kids with NFL dreams also want to show it off - i.e. few 5* recievers would be willing to spend the bulk of their career blocking the edge for Denard, Pat White et. al.. 


NOTE:  This is regard to Offensive players ONLY.  For defensive help we need to hope for an OSU version of Gerg..


March 9th, 2012 at 10:38 PM ^

All this really does is hurt Urban's pride a little as he didn't get the best TE available.  OSU is gonna get Mike Heuerman, the 4* TE from Florida and an OSU legacy.  They will just rationalize he was the TE they wanted all along and Brennerman was just gonna be the gravy.

Sione's Flow

March 10th, 2012 at 12:00 AM ^

Good get for PSU.  They need a good class to help them start a new chapter in their history.  Hope O'brien can right the ship and get it sailing smoothly again, until they face UM, then I want that ship to run aground on an island called Ondre "PeeWee" Pipkins.