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I am that old guy that got turned on to the MGO community by my oldest son a few years back. We were talking on the phone last night (he is in Georgia now and I am in Minnesota).  He asked me the question:  "Who is your breakout player of the year?"  (Offense and defense)

Good question for the community to answer . . . I said Devin Funchess (great video of him just posted) and Taco Charlton!  Who you got?



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Cam Gordon is going to be fun to watch.   He was great as a RFr. but then got burried on the depth chart and was a tweener between positions and coaching staffs the next two years.  He will have a chip on his shoulder and an extra level of tenacity.   He will be a turnover machine. When Ryan returns, I expect Beyer to move back to DE and Gordon will still get a bunch of snaps in various packages.

Chesson - been said before.  With Darboh out, he gets a chance to see the field for long-balls and tds.  I expect he has limited catches, but a lot of yards.  And his presence will open up Funchess and Gallon to have better-than-expected stats.

2-Deep Break-out Player:

Joe Reynolds won't be a top 3 receiver, but he'll contribute a lot more than expected.  Maybe I've been overly impressed with the scrimmage footage, but, if Gardner can hit the 3rd WR on the field with a slant for 1st downs and in the red-zone then this offense is going to be dangerous.  I see Reynolds as that "slant" guy that will do the dirty work over the middle after four years of waiting for his chance.  He'll still max out at 15-20 catches and 3 tds, but I bet one of those TDs comes in a huge, close, game.


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Love me some Q on defense, he'll break out enough to be a solid mid round draft pick.

I'll take Chesson on offense because he's going to get a great opportunity


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expectations are high, but if he stays healthy (good lawd, please stay healthy!), he could be beyond awesome.
And I am hoping Pipkins will be a break out player on the D. I love that guy's personality, and that YouTube video impersonation of Hoke is no longer available. We need to see that again.


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I'm going Kyle Kalis (he will make 2nd team B1G at least)

& on defense, let's go with....Greg Mattison? Idk, I think we will get some big plays from some young guys here and there, but I don't see anyone putting together quite the season Ross had last year. No one will breakout as much as we see a growth of the entire defense.


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With the way people are freaking out about the OL, it is definitely Kalis on offense.  If he's as good as advertised (future all-conference player with college-ready body and a year on campus), he should be a very solid player at this point (like Lewan, Molk. and Long were as RS freshmen playing more difficult spots).  Chris Bryant should probably be 1B if he's healthy. 

On D, Mario Ojemudia saw the field as a true freshman and is now significantly bulked up (gained 25-30 pounds).  Nobody seems to be talking him up with Taco and his big wingspan on campus, but Super Mario should make some noise.

Perkis-Size Me

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Offense: I'm inclined to say Funchess, but he disappeared a little bit after Gardner came in, so I'd say that the jury is still out on that. I'd say Chesson if for no other reason than he has to. He's got killer speed which will definitely help stretch the defense, but with Darboh down for the season, we need someone to emerge opposite Gallon, and I think he'll make the most of the opportunity.

Defense: James Ross III. He's got the makings of a stud in him, and with a ton of experience already under his belt, he's poised to be a tackling machine this Fall. He'll pick up a lot of the slack from Ryan's absence until he gets back in October. I'm not quite sure if Ross is at the level of first-team all conference yet, if for no other reason than Bullough and Shazier already have 2 of the 3 spots on lockdown and it'd be tough to grab that final spot, but I'd say he will be by his junior year. I say he'll make second-team status this Fall, and will be primed for even bigger things in 2014.


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Depends on your definition of breakout... Ross and Funchess seem most likely to take the step up from contributor to star (or borderline star) players like Jeremy Gallon and Jake Ryan did last year. 


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Offense - Tight ends in general I think become a big part of the offense. Funchess, Williams, Butt. Crossing my fingers for some Norfleet in the open field action including special temas as well.


Defense - For some reason I'm envisioning Ojemudia making a lot of plays. Cam too.

Sione's Flow

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Offensively I hope it's Fitz or Green (it means the team is reaching the goal of MANBALL)

Defensively I know the hype is on Clark, but I think Henry or Pipkins could be the guys we talk about most at the end of the season.