Breaking a losing string against the buckeyes - 1976 MICHIGAN 22 osu 0

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My guess is most of us also check Maize n Brew but in case you don't, there's a nice piece on the '76 Michigan/osu game where we broke a losing streak.  Some of you may be familiar with this game.  Rick Leach and Rob Lytle headlining.

Includes some game footage which is pretty awesome (not the quality) as you get to hear the amazing Bob Ufer and the incredible passion he had for Meeechigan football.…

In case you need a little inspiration for this Thursday.




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We know Bo had a good record against OSU and that he won the upset of the century in his first game against them, but many don't realize that he went 1-4-1 in the six games following '69. At the time it must have been hell


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From that point to Tressel's arrival (1976-2002) that would be the longest winning streak OSU ever had over us at two games, 1981 and 82. 

It was pretty huge when they beat us in back-to-back years for the first time since the early Reagan years....and them winning in Ann Arbor after going winless for the decade at the big house. 

I need a tissue.  Or a million of them. 



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Going for two was sweet payback, but Bo's motivation was tactical. Since we had lost to Purdue a tie sends OSU to the Rose Bowl as out right champions. Michigan needed to beat Woody to claim a share of the B1G title. We go to the rose bowl on the head to head win.


After Michigan took a 7-0 lead, Schembechler said he and his staff debated whether they should go for two points then or later so that Ohio State couldn't gain a tie. That's all the Buckeyes needed to gain a fifth straight Rose Bowl trip since Michigan already had a loss in the league and the Buckeyes were 7-0.

"We had to gamble, and we decided to go for two points after the second touchdown," Schembechler disclosed.

On the fake extra point try, holder Jerry Zuver took the snap and ran around left end, giving the Wolverines a 15-0 lead.


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Two takes from watching and listening to that. 1) Woody Hayes was douche. 2) Bob Ufer is the greatest radio announcer michigan ever had. I liked Beckman but Brandstatter needs to go back to color.

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To this day, it's the most satisfying victory I can remember over OSU since we shut them out on their home field in front of all their dirtbag fans.  It was Rob Lytle's last regular season game as a Wolverine.  


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I was a UM senior in the fall of 1976 and the 3 previous games  vs OSU had been so painful- on top of 72 and 70.  The only bright spot had been 71 at UM Stadium.  To so thoroughly thrash the Buckeyes in the second half in Columbus was just heaven.  


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I remember being at the 1969 game, and that was the greatest sports experience I ever had.  The stadium was nuts!  It was a few days before most of us could talk.


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I was a freshman in 1976 -- living in Chicago House, West Quad.  At the conclusion of  the game, I joined many fellow West Quaddies in front of the Michigan Union, cheering the OSU beatdown and Rose Bowl berth.  The weather was chilly -- but I vividly remember our group ending up in front of the President's House, and President Robben Fleming coming outside - in a short-sleeved shirt, and no coat - and leading us in "The Victors"!

BTW, Rick Leach lived in Adams House (also West Quad) that year.  Without a doubt, he was the best pinball player I've ever seen.  He used to pile up free games on "Spirit of 76" - and his offensive linemen would tilt them away.  Incredible hand-eye coordination!

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I loved that 76 team so much. Rob Lytle was my first Michigan hero.  They wrecked almost everyone that year. (I will never understand Purdue.)  But I was still awfully nervous for that OSU game.  75 was so depressing; 74 was a horrible joke; 73 was a ridiculous joke.  The 76 game was such a sweet relief.  Bo was officially 5-4-1 against evil Woody, but it really should have been 7-3.