Breaking down this class

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Just my amateur feeling on this. Maybe someone like Magnus who has broken down all the films can offer better opinions. 

QB: I like McNamarma and it seems like a smart pickup. Might be a bridge between Milton and the next great QB we recruit. 

RB: Hit a HR with Charbonnet who has the look of a feature back. Keeping Gray would have been great but losing him was not devestating. 

WRs: Interesting group. Getting Johnson was huge because we had a real lack of true outside receivers. Very excited about what Giles and Sainristil can bring to the offense, but it also seems like getting 4 smaller type slot guys is a lot. (George Johnson and Kent). Maybe Kent can surprise and be a Roy Roundtree type player. 

TE: Erick All will fill the Eubanks role at some point which is great because we have 2 bigger TEs coming off redshirts next year. 

OL: We needed them and we got them. Very good 6 man group. A definite strength. Getting Keegan was needed. 

DL: Great group even without Harrison and Karliftas. Mazi and Hinton inside and three high potential guys on the edges. 

LBs: This is a wait and see group. Thomas was very highly rated and then slid a little and was a bit of an afterthought when he committed early. Hickson, Velasquez and Solomon seem like Viper prospects so some inside LBs are definitely needed next class. 

CBs: Perry and Turner is a very solid tandem. Whether or not they develop into the lockdown guys we have come accustomed to will remain to be seen, but they appear to have some talent. 

Safeties: A question mark became an emphatic strength when Dax came back into the fold. Can’t wait to see speed at the safety spot. 



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Neither McCaffrey nor Milton were "5*, can't miss" prospects, either. Though, they were both ranked higher, and Dylan was incredibly well regarded. Still not sure I understand the assertion that Joe Milton is a surefire starter at Michigan. There's a lot of required development between then and now.


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McCaffrey has shown enough (I think so at least LOL) to be a better option than Peters ever would have been.  I think he will end up being a fantastic starter...not saying an all time great...but a very good quarterback.

I really want Milton to be good, but I don't know how a QB who couldn't get a 50% completion rate in HS is gonna all of a sudden become a good passer in college.  But the dude has all the other intangibles in overflowing quantities. 


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You obviously have never seen his Senior Year film.  Milton is bailed out multiple times by just heaving the ball up to one of his receivers who is a D1 football WR (I believe he ended up signing with Ohio or another MAC level school).  His film just doesn't look great. 

But, that is why they have coaching.  Hopefully he can put the pieces together at Michigan and be a productive QB.  I sure am rooting for him!  I want Milton to succeed for lots of reasons.

The Mad Hatter

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Before that for me.  When he lost the starting job to Speight he checked out, which caused O'Korn to move into the #2 spot.  He didn't start taking practice seriously again until he was the #2 after Speight got hurt.

Had he kept his foot on the gas, 2017 might have turned out a lot differently with Peters coming in when Speight went down.


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I want to give Peters a fair shot, but what has the kid shown that would make you think he is a competent QB?  We were all so happy with his performance, not because it was actually good, but that it wasn't the dumpster fire that JOK was.  At his absolute best, Peters was a QB that was a game manager.  I didn't see anything that told me you could ask him to go and put the game on his shoulders.


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I think he has the physical skills but not the other intangibles that it takes to to be a college QB.  He appears to be a quiet, sensitive guy.  That type of personality makes it hard to be a leader in and out of the huddle.  I assume Harbaugh is a tough taskmaster, esp at the QB position.  Brandon might not respond well to that. Of course, people (young adults especially) grow and change and he may well do that.  I'd love to see him succeed here.



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Personally, I'm not sold on Milton. High ceiling due to his athleticism and arm strength but his accuracy leaves much to be desired. If a QB isn't accurate he's basically useless and I just haven't seen many guys go from iffy accuracy to great accuracy. 

McCaffery is the next guy then Cade and whoever comes next will likely battle it out after that. I'm not counting out Milton, just would be shocked if he was ever the starter. Then again, I didn't think Dax Hill would come back in the fold either, and yet here we are. But I do like Cade's chances a lot more than Milton's when their time comes. Either way, QB seems to be set for the future with all of Harbaugh's guys.


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This is a big thing for Harbaughs QBs too since it was something that we heard was a large knock on Peters. There was stuff out there that he wasn’t even able to command the huddle, and that is something that all the talent in the world unfortunately cant overcome. 


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McNamara is going to be a very interesting player in the QB room-in this class and on this team. I believe his physical talent is in question. What is not in question is that this kid is a great leader who is a winner. His interviews are off the "maturity" charts. He has "It" like I have never heard from a HS kid. I think he is a Joe Montana type player-not the greatest measurables...he just wins.  He's a QB that, as a coach, you hand the ball to him and tell him to go do his thing...and stay out of his way...because there is a helluva lot to say about a kid who can take over a team and get the other 10 kids to compete their hearts out. I think this is who McNamara is. 


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Speaking of "breaking down / broken", if Charbonet isn't a stud and starting next year we will have problems at RB for sure.  Evans is not a back that can shoulder the load by himself like Karan.  Other option is a walk on in Wilson.  I would rank both backs as good / average Big 10 backs, but absolutely nothing special about either.  


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I wasn't impressed with Bailey when he was thought to be a Michigan lean.  I know it was his junior year, but between, Peters, Milton, Cade and Dylan he was the least impressive to me.  I won't question Harbaugh when it comes to QB's and Michigan was on some guys in this class before anyone had interest and they blew up.  I think in today's football you have to have a QB with wheels and one that can improvise (see Shea Patterson).

If I had a pecking order today:

1. Dylan McCaffrey

2. Joe Milton

3. Cade MacNamara

4. Brandon Peters


I could see flipping Milton and MacNamara, but Milton's upside is huge.  Milton has the best arm at Michigan since Henne.  I still think Peters will be a very good college QB someday. Wish it was at Michigan.


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I agree, it's usually a smart pickup to take a 4* Quarterback. Personally I think I'd rather see Hickson at WR, because he's a big, athletic guy with leaping ability. I think he'd be a weapon. Thomas slid bc I think he got hurt, he's a solid guy. Linebacker is an underwhelming position to me, but not bad. Just means it's probably priority number 1 next year. 

Edge rusher is another huge priority. I like Ojabo a lot, but I think Morris's future is inside, and Newburg will be solid, but I don't think he develops into anything more than Ryan VanBergen. Really good player, but thats probably it.


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Big wide receivers are good if they're able to keep the fluidity in their route running. He's listed at 6'3 210, if he could get to 6'4 230 that would be a weapon. I have no issue with him at linebacker or safety, I like him a lot as a prospect, I just think an outside receiver would be really good.


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At 6'4" 230 with the speed to be a WR I would think he would make a great LB. He would have the speed to stick with backs and TEs while also having the bulk to take on blocks - granted, playing LB is a lot about instincts and whats between the ears, but his measureables and ability to move would be fantastic in the middle of our defense. 


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Dont know if this was just a mistake by Michigan, but did we just sign Quavarious Couch?? Michigan football just posted an image that was quickly pulled down. One of the up and coming Michigan podcasts I listed to, Gulati Pod, managed to grab a screenshot. Those guys on there are great and you should give them a listen MOAR FIREWORKS??

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