Braylon Suspended by BTN

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I’m on my cell so I don’t have a link but it’s all over twitter. 



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None of the ex UM players are as smart as Pryor.  


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Let's break it down, shall we?

Ruiz is weak

Shea is scared

Fucking Michigan offense is so predictable

Michigan football is sadly one thing . . . Trash

There is no "media" insight there whatsoever.  These are the rantings of a drunk, dumb fan, not a media "analyst".

There are a million other ways to make a point. 

Remember when Desmond said in the past that he didn't see any guys on the team that were hungry to be the man at crunch time? 

That's the way to make a point that is not trying to sugar coat things.  Desmond didn't call anybody out in particular, he didn't use profanities, he didn't engage in middle school name calling . . . but he was still able to make a stinging point that rang true.  


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Don't agree with Braylon's take.  Calling out Shea and Ruiz after one game is pretty lame.  Don't know if you want to call the program trash either after only being 0-1.  But, I will say this, our offense was incredibly predictable.  I don't care if our OL is bad.  "Lets run up the middle 90% of the time"  "Lets go spread and still try and run the ball up the middle"  "Lets run trips and the D knows no throw is going to be made deep, essentially taking one entire option off the field"


September 3rd, 2018 at 6:05 PM ^

F-bombs, calling out specific kids by name, calling the whole program trash... all pretty severely over the line when you represent a corporate media employer in a high profile job that relies on good ties with the league's schools, don't you think?

Poor form for a notable alum even if he didn't have the BTN job; fans and critics already rain enough poison down on the kids via the twitters without your brothers within the program doing the same...

Sounds like Braylon needs some help.