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May 27th, 2011 at 7:45 PM ^

He was following up on a promise he made to the kids in 2007 while playing for the Browns.  Each of the one hundred kids gets a $10000 scholarship.  He kept that promise even after he was traded.  Way to go Braylon!!!


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I live in the Cleveland area.  The top two hated people here are LeBron and Art Modell.  I realize that Modell's duplicity was in 1995 (right after I moved here), but I am still not certain that he isn't number 1 over LeBron.

Edwards is hardly thought of at all.    Calling himself the second-most hated is, unfortunately, another example of his oversized ego.

I'm glad for the kids he is sending to college.  I have no reason to think the gesture isn't sincere, and I loved Edwards playing at Michigan, especially that 3OT game against the Spartans.   (I also have fond memories of watching his father play.)  However, I would prefer if Braylon could tone down the self promotion and narcissism.

Fuzzy Dunlop

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For God's sake.  The guy just gave away $1 million of his own money to help 100 kids go to college.  He made a little joke about his contentious time in Cleveland, he wasn't seriously claiming that Clevelanders constantly think about him.  Lighten the fuck up, Francis.  You really need to criticize him now?


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He's come along way since he tackled me in the South Quad-West Quad snowball fight in 2003. Great to hear he's representing what a Michigan Man is. Even better what he's doing for those kids. Best of luck to Braylon this season. Keep up the good work.


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In1987 (December) as freshman me and my crew participated. And it was about the sickest coolest coolest thing I've witnessed. The original flasmob. Hundreds of kids on each side hurling snowballs Bd iceballs in the middle of studying for exams. People were maimed if not killed. Of course S Quad dominated as always. The next year we were ready as sophs. We stockpiled snowballs on the other side of the building, readied trays from the cafeteria as shields, and music was pipedin from our window (mostly queen as I recall) and we of course destroyed the hapless nerds of west quad. One of the top memories at MICH so THANKS for giving me a reason to call them up again!


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I won't say I was the one that got slammed, but there was a push of ~10 honors hall kids that foolishly sprinted across with ammo in hand, only to realize that Braylon, Marlin, et al were waiting for us.  There was a scrum...might have been Marlin that knocked me over and as I started getting back up to sulk over to the pathetic SQuad side I noticed a Nike reciever's glove with a black #80 written on the wrist.

I still have the glove - totally worth it.


May 27th, 2011 at 10:25 PM ^

BTW, Braylon was at the Oakland County Track Championships tonite with his dad, Stan.  Held at Milford H.S., he stayed for quite a while talking to fans and watching the action.  I asked him about Coach Hoke and he said that he expects great things from Michigan football in the future; but quickly added "but I support anybody who coaches at Michigan".


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Braylon has done and said some pretty stupid things, that's pretty much as I remember him in Ann Arbor.  How can anybody forget the terminally dry Coach Carr saying, "Braylon and I aren't on the same page."  What he continues to show though that he's at his core a good guy.  Here's hoping he will soon make the stupid things a permanent part of his past.


May 28th, 2011 at 1:42 AM ^

Braylon deserves credit for his charity work, but contrast it with what Woodson has done for the hospital. Woodson's $2 million donation never would have even been public had Mott's and families he helped ask him to make it known.

Edwards, as always, has had a very big mouth about his charity work, even having a prickly attitude about it by saying things like "next time I'm only giving to Detroit" and then this little dig. We all know that his $500,000 scholarship also came with him having an annoying sense of entitlement. Instead of just donating the money, he had to wield influence over the #1 jersey and he seemed to think he could do even more talking because of it.