Brandstatter on The Huge Show

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Ed: originally titled "OT: Spotted. Detroit Sports Media member who gets it."

 Don't get pissed for the subject line.

 It was Brando. And I know he hosts our coaches show, has for like 30 years, and has done play by play on the radio broadcasts since forever; BUT he also has done the Lions for a long time too, used to produce sports on Detroit TV, and is married to a Detroit TV anchor. He is a fan but he is no kool aid guzzler.

So I am stretching it out to the breaking point and calling him Detroit sports media.  They should include him with honorary membership or something. Those yutzes could use him. 

If you aren't buying my argument, no problem. I don't know if I do entirely either.

Anyways, he was on Huge today and it was mandatory take the longest route home listening.   He said avoiding turnovers makes a win this week very possible.  He also adeptly batted down Huge's theory that there had been no clutch defensive plays under Rich until the Floyd/Ozeh fumble against UCONN.  Then capped it off by crediting Rich with doing a great job in practices of reinforcing the lessons from last year and not believing  hype after early wins.

He basically said that the players have a handle on not letting down this year, because of the struggles after the good start last year.

Between Frank and Brando, we are really lucky to have guys like this handling the games, and doing these appearances getting out the word about Rich and the job he is doing. A lot of good Michigan fans, especially older ones, will never be on this blog.  They will listen to the radio though.  



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If you have to explain the title of your thread in like 3 paragraphs, you probably should have just called the thread something else.

Also, this isn't OT. I was about 2 seconds away from deleting the thread sight-unseen. 


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Came immediately to mind -- my 13-year-old still says he was sure I was going to throw him down the stands in excitement when Thompson scored.  Same game also saw BG's big hit in the red zone.  Also, Warren had the game-clinching pick against Indiana last year (how's that gum, Lynch?).


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he is also one of the ones who stayed, a member of Bo's 1969 team. Characterizing him as just a sports reporter is wrong. Bo referred to him as Brandy, his blog is "Brandy''s Blog", where did the new moniker come from?