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Submitted by Raback Omaba on October 18th, 2009 at 11:49 AM

I enjoyed watchning our boys play a scrimmage yesterday, so when they eventually put Sheridan in, I knew it was my cue. I headed out to the mall to run errands and listened to the rest of the game on 104.3 FM (in the Detroit area.)

Jim Brandstatter was commenting on the depth players getting a chance to play and the first stringers really getting excited for their younger teammates (Cox's run etc.)

He then went on to comment (not verbatim) about how "this team is very close, there's tremendous chemistry between the upperclassmen and younger guys, it is not divided etc......and then pointed that out some people would like to say otherwise, and those people have their own 'agendas'" He repeated this several times and emphasized that "some people have their own agendas, and that's that"

Not a huge deal, but it really stuck out to me that he seemed to be calling some people out! Did anyone else hear this, and who do you think he was pointing his finger at?




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He's a guy who loves football, loves his teams, and shows it 100% of the time. Maybe its because he's the voice I hear every saturday and sunday on the drive over to my grandparents to watch the game with my family, but whenever I hear him on the radio, it just feels like football season. He's as much a part of fall as raking leaves and pumpkin pie.

Raback Omaba

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Look man, I love the kid and he's a true Michigan Man.....but any time Sheridan gets in the game, I have an anxiety attack. It doesn't matter if it's against Delaware State up 5 TDs.

His apprearance on the field brings back memories of a period in my life I do not want to re-live.

You wouldn't bring the victim of a traumatic crime back to the scene of a crime, would you??

The 2008 season traumatized me and I cannot bear to re-live images of Threet, McGuffie, and yes, Nick Sheridan.

He looks great with a headset on though. That's where I want him.


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Equating walk-ons playing major college football with traumatic crime is incredibly distasteful, especially considering the news about the UConn DB this morning.

Sheridan and Threet tried their best. It didn't work. Sheridan, for one, probably had no idea he'd ever start for Michigan.

Yes, 2008 sucked. It was not too enjoyable. Imagine having to had played through it.

The criticism of Sheridan is unwarranted. He tried his best, and it didn't work out. He is now "coaching" Tate and Denard and deserves our respect for staying, fighting, and contributing to the team's future success.


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Brandstatter said exactly that about Sheridan yesterday when he came into the game. He was very positive about him as man and talked about the difference he is making for Tate and Denard.

Just think Sheridan could of quit, transferred or any number of things, but he didn't. He stayed and has helped the team and program get better. Nothing speaks more loudly of a Michigan Man then when the times are tough you stay, gut it out, and help the team move forward.
So I am all good with Sheridan.


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Have you been to a game this season. When Sheridan comes out 106,000 try to quietly say "Oh Shit". It really is a strange sound.I will give it to Nick though he looked much better than last year. JB would never put it out there against Carr. This was a middle finger right at the dolpin puncher and the Freep.


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So if you're lucky enough to find a woman willing to have sex with you and bear your child, eventually you'll find yourself at a soccer game or a T-ball game or a hockey game or a figure skating competition with your son or daughter competing and trying as hard as they can to do well. I'll say right now that, having anticipated that at some point your son will strike out or your daughter will allow a goal, that they both suck and are total losers. Everybody else on the team should have anxiety attacks when your loser, no-talent kids are out there trying as hard as they can to do well. They just suck, and deserve to be ridiculed by total strangers on the internet.


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I heard Brandstatter's comments, and from what I remember he used the word "media" to note who he was talking about - e.g., "some in the media claim..." There was nothing in what he said that even hinted he was talking about Carr.


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Hasn't it been all but established that Jim Stapleton is the source for the Rosenberg crap? It's a safe assumption that Brandstatter was calling out one or both of them.


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I agree that JB was mosdef NOT pointing a finger at Carr, Leach, or anyone else internally. He did refer to the media previously, too, so I'm sure that he was indirectly calling out the Freep (DIE, FREEP, DIE!) and their sports writers. But remember that JB is part of the media, and the Freep guys are, to some extent, colleagues so he was trying to be indirect -- maybe out of professional courtesy?

Either way, that was good to hear -- and way more interesting than anything said all day by the BTN crew. (But, I could be biased.)


October 18th, 2009 at 3:09 PM ^

was in on that too. In fact, I think Beckmann was the first to bring it up. Brandstatter jumped in. They were clearly referencing the Freep "controversies". They mentioned how there seems to be a new article every day on the smallest thing.

Cool to see those guys call out the Freep on-air.


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RR himself said that Sheridan would be a great coach someday. That tells me that, as I have hoped, he is on the fast track to GA. I would imagine that Sheridan will always have a job in football as long as RR is coaching. Who knows? Fifteen years down the road, he may succeed RR.