Brandon Smith

Submitted by GoBlue00 on January 16th, 2009 at 8:24 PM

Brandon Smith, for some reason I liked this kid the day he signed with us. Probably because he was talking about how hes going to whoop on the buckeyes when he plays. I never read too much about this kid because of his injury. Hes a saftey, but same say he could turn into a LB.
I found an article, where Tim Jamison thought Brandon Smith would be an impact player.
(All the seniors picked a player they thought would be an impact player)

Tim Jamison on safety Brandon Smith: "He's a really hard-nosed hitter. When we went live in fall camp every receiver took notice when he was on the field."



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i hope Smith can be a much improved fill at Saftey. He was impressive when i met him on his official visit for the Penn State game 2 years ago, after 2 years of Barwis, Watch out..


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He looks like a LB now if he is the guy on the Mike Barwis video on at the 12 second mark.

I'm almost certain that it is. He was the freshman I was looking most forward to seeing last season until he had that surgery.


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Stallworth is a WR. I think you are thinking that we are talking about Vincent Smith. We are talking about Brandon he was from last years' recruiting class and he might have started at safety over brown but he had some surgery. (He might not have started but who knows)

As for Stallworth TomVH feels good about him so we should too.

chitownblue (not verified)

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Well, he had an appendectomy, but that was part-way through the year - I think he was on the redshirt path from the start.

From what I've read on Smith, he's still supposed to be pretty raw - he's apparently extremely good at stepping into the box in run support, but pretty dicey on pass coverage. I think he's probably destined to be our 3rd safety this year (behind Brown and Williams), and then possibly start with Williams as a sophomore.


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No, I was talking at Travante. I know he is a WR, but isn't he a HS QB? I thought RR was going to give him a shot at QB. His name only came into the picture when Beaver decommitted. I thought him and Denard were the ATH type qb's; guys that could play another position, but also qb if Tate went down.

chitownblue (not verified)

January 17th, 2009 at 12:15 PM ^

Why are you talking QB prospects in a thread about Brandon Smith? I think that's why the guy who responsed to you was confused.

Anyway, it seems like neither Stallworth nor Michigan has any intention of trying him at QB - both think he's a WR, as he's too short to play at QB. He came in to the picture late not because Beaver decommitted, but because Tuberville left Auburn - where Stallworth was committed.


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The way this forum is set up is awful. I swear I was responding to another thread and it posts in here. Whatever, they need a new format in here; it's impossible to follow who is responding to what, and the shit's never in order.


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NJ recruits with talent (like Smith, Lalota), tend to be very raw because of poor competition. So it's probably good that he had that year of development. He does seem too big for a safety and a change to the paper thin LB position would be welcomed (very much like the successful transition Jonas Mouton had to LB).