Brandon proposed that the Game not be held every year

Submitted by dnak438 on August 25th, 2015 at 11:46 AM

More revelations from Endzone via Land-Grant Holy Land:

Dave Brandon proposed that the Ohio State/Michigan game be occasionally moved to October, or in some cases, not played at all. He also proposed that Ohio State and Michigan be in different Big Ten divisions.

Yikes. Read the whole thing here:



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This is something I would expect if we hired a big name CEO from Cambodia.

Brandon PLAYED football AT Michigan.  He's what we call in the business world, a "total fucking idiiot".  


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He did EVERYTHING possible to get the BEST deals for MICHIGAN.  If we all would have sat QUIETLY and minded our business he would have SUCCEEDED in breaking what didn't need BREAKING and reforming MICHIGAN into something that would have needed REBREAKING!


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I'm not sure where exactly I read this; it may have been in one of his condescending emails. He was saying something to the effect of, 'you don't need to tell me about Michigan and the traditions, I played here.'

He is so out of touch it's scary to think he was in charge for even the relatively short time that he was.


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Too bad Toys R Us is not a public stock and was the target of a leveraged buyout in 2005 by none other than ....Bain Capital.

That Bain Capital of Mitt Romney candidate who destroyed millions of jobs by outsourcing them overseas, Bain Capital.


Dave Brandon and Bain Capital.

A match made in heaven and not shocking in the least.


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the different division thing was always on the table, so I don't see much harm in that as long as it was a guaranteed game each year.  I did hate the concept of playing the same team in back to back weeks though. 

Obviously, proposing that UM and OSU don't play each other each year is complete lunacy.

Edit: The "not play OSU every year thing" was probably his great idea for being able to charge 3/4x the amount per ticket when OSU eventually came to town.


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Asshole?  Look, guy - I'm an asshole.  And even I know this is a terrible idea.  There's a more appropriate word for what David Brandon is - and it has something to do with a combination of smug / moronic / out-of-touch / vastly over-confident / being a general detriment to society.  


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I use Maps to get around everywhere, even places I drive every day. Maybe I wouldn't if my commute was as short as Harbaugh's, but coming from Hoke's neighborhood I would fire it up daily regardless of Brandon's stupid comment.

rob f

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it's waaaaaaay beyond belief that he was ever hired as Michigan's AD. 

And without rehashing how DB (Damn Bastard) got hired and by whom, it will perpetually be a stain, a black mark on her resume that will forever overshadow and overwhelm any and all the good things Mary Sue Coleman may have accomplished as U of M President.


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I would like to think this is the most asinine, shit-for-brains, ridiculous, nonsenseical thing we're going to learn about that human poop-bag Brandon but my guess is there are even worse things yet to be revealed in the book.