Via Brandon Justice OT Jarrett Patterson down to ND/UM

Submitted by Djrobinson007 on January 22nd, 2018 at 7:26 PM
Like the title says he’s down to ND and Michigan. However, UCLA is still in it. This to me is a good sign or at least let’s hope. Sorry didn’t know how to link but you can go to Brandon Justice’s wedsite. WWW.



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I don't claim to be an insider. Never have. That's expressly stated on my website. I'm a Michigan football fan and coach, and I have some connections due to writing for the website and being a coach. 


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Both in sports and with the ladies, but never gets picked.  

Dudek camp thinks they are going to get at worst one of Anderson and Patterson.  It also sounds like Barrett has a committable offer but that he may decide to pursue the qb route which would give gatech, or Nebraska the lead (fsu maybe).

Swim lanes are in full effect and NPF is obviously the top guy, followed by Anderson.

Otis is in his own pool and they do feel good about him (I know this is posted everywhere)

Lastly, apparently the staff hit it out of the park this week for a 19 kid who went to Kwity Paye high school.  Their HS coach has a man crush on JH and DB and also has spoken about a camp this summer.