Brandon Herron Named Walter Camp National Defensive Player of the Week

Submitted by Michigasling on September 4th, 2011 at 12:47 PM

Pretty heady for a fifth-year senior who was under the radar for most of his Michigan career.  Besides the obvious of his two TD returns, his 8 tackles were a career high (and about a 5th of his career total).  Just think what he could have done with an extra quarter of play.



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For a guy who wasn't going to start until we found out about Cam's injury (I think after kickoff) to do something no Michigan player has ever done (two defensive TDs) probably wasn't predicted by anybody.  That was an insanely awesome day for Herron (and those of us who got to watch it).

Desmonlon Edwoodson

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Those two incredible sacks(one leading to the toughdown) were great, but my favorite play:  With like 6:15 to go first half he'd just broken up a pass, and a Western Michigan receiver grabbed Kovacs facemask with both hands...and Kovacs swatted him down to the ground like a fly.  If that was Suh he'd be facing a fine from the nfl, as it is he just gets my admiration and gratitude.  (and a bit of guidance from Brady Hoke)

The team the t…

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While it's great for a 5th year, under the radar senior to get recognition for his big day, I assume that this is just national writers reading the stat line and voting for him.  I look forward to the UFR to see how well he played.  

The team the t…

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That's not my point.  All I was pointing out was that the national media is, well, silly.   They have no clue as to how well Herron, or most other players, performed.  This is based off of stats, which can be misleading.   I would argue Jake Ryan and Jordan Kovacs were much more important on "Herron's big plays".   Only game film can show this.  Since Brian does watch film, I would rely on him MORE THAN a national media vote.  And, of course, he is not "judge, jury, and executioner for all things Michigan"....dude.

So, lets get back to cheering for Michigan and destroy ND!


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I'm in agreement. Great honor, nice job and a good win. However....I'll be curious to see what the game film shows. Herron was in the right place at the right time on 2 HUGE plays but he also seemed to be out of postion and had his back to the ball on several pass plays. During the game, I actually made the comment to my brother that Herron was going to be named Big 10 Defensive Player of the Week (guessed wrong there) but really wasn't playing too well overall.


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Who cares if they are just reading the stat-line. It's a pretty bad ass stat line. 94 Yard INT return for TD (longest INT return in Michigan history), 29 Yard Fumble return for TD, career high 8 tackles. BOOM. 

It's refreshing to have a player recognized nationally with a accolade like this for playing DEFENSE. I feel it's a sign of things to come. I think the hits that were being dished out by Kovacs, Ryan and others will continue and will force more turnovers this season. 

Cultural Enrichment

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You have got to love  It was perfect to go right to the point 6:15 left in the 2nd, see the play you described, and come to complete agreement with you. 

EDIT: This was suppose to be a reply to Desmonlon Edwoodson comment above, but I must have hit the wrong "reply" button after logging in. 

Mr. Yost

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Not being neg Nancy or Debbie Downer. But before we start bashing Brian, annointing Herron, or taking this out of context (either one way or the other). Let's just remember this is one game, one vs. Western Michigan.


Tate Forcier was a Heisman front runner after 1-2 games a couple years ago. Let's just play frickin football and get wins. Awesome effort by Brandon, award is well deserved...but let's have perspective.


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He was the best defensive player, doing something that hadn't been done at Michigan for over 50 years. No one anointed him Suh or gave him player of the year. Just acknowledge he had a great week. Sorry, but you are unnecessarily being a downer. But at least you're not asking Brian how to think.

Mr. Yost

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No one was talking about you. Relax. And yes, some people are acting taking it out of context. I realize it was the best defensive performance we've seen in a long time. Hell, you can't win the defensive player of the week award for the whole nation without such a game.


All I'm saying is take it for what its worth. A great game vs. Western.


People do this all the time and YOU were likely one of them. They watch the spring game and annoint Mike Cox and Jake Ryan the future of Michigan football. They start talking about Denard being replaced by Devin. So on and so forth.


Context is all I said...but be overly sensitive if you want. Target has Kleenex on sale this week.


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My favorite part of the interception return was seeing Ryan Van Bergen, who's 290+, putting his head down and racing down the sideline to try to throw a block.  He didn't make it there...but it was damn awesome that he tried.


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My favorite part of the interception return was seeing Ryan Van Bergen, who's 290+, putting his head down and racing down the sideline to try to throw a block.  He didn't make it there...but it was damn awesome that he tried.


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You hear about players all of camp and off-season, and then someone under the radar comes out and has an amazing game. And then he's the most humble guy in the press conference. He's the type of player Michigan wants and needs. He's a true Michigan Man,


gpsimms not to…

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maybe every lb does this sometimes, and i was just paying closer attention today, but when herron was trying to get drops he was just turning his back to the qb and sprinting to a spot.  twice carder just threw it right by herron, and since he wasn't looking he couldn't make a play on it.

is this herron having poor technique or getting lost, or just carder reading things well and making a play or what?


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Different coaches teach it differently.  More often than not, you'll find that linebackers are taught to sprint to a spot, turn, and find the ball.  That way they can get to their zone faster.  Defensive backs are a different story and keep their eyes in the backfield during their drops.

I noticed all of Michigan's linebackers doing what Herron was, so I think that's the way Mattison is teaching them.


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My favorite part of the interception return was seeing Ryan Van Bergen, who's 290+, putting his head down and racing down the sideline to try to throw a block.  He didn't make it there...but it was damn awesome that he tried.

Go Blue Eyes

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Magnus with the triple post going for the record sextuple post held by:

"I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start."


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Herron may not have been replacing Gordon in the lineup yesterday, but he came from the opposite side of Demens' blitz several times to undercut the farside curl/flat and, as mentioned before, wasn't looking back.

Zone: get to yours asap, look up receiver/qb.

If Mattison had a converted WR/FS/Spur executing that scheme, at least 2 of those would have been pbu's, possibly interception(s).

Cam could have theoretically had 3 RTD's yesterday, but congrats to Brandon and hopefully the confidence boost of a backup LB being the nation's outstanding defensive player from week 1 will lead to more overachieving from him this 132nd Michigan football campaign.


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Herron said it best in his presser when he pointed out that football is a team effort, and he was just the headliner on two plays where the defense played well. Good defense is always team defense - and Herron made two big play within those confines. Good day for him and Michigan's defense - but still much improvement till they make Coach Hoke happy. GO BLUE!


September 5th, 2011 at 11:31 AM ^

I love that a guy who has never been a starter before can now be mentioned in the same breath as Tom Harmon in at least one aspect (they're the only two Michigan players with two return TDs in a game).  Good for him.