Brandon Graham injured, out for the season with an ACL tear (updated)

Submitted by dnak438 on December 12th, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Brandon Graham just went down in the Sunday Night Football game. The injury looked to be non-contact and I saw the trainer doing the Lachman test (to diagnose an ACL tear) on his right knee before BG hopped off on his left leg, with help from the trainers.  I hope it's not a tear.

UPDATE: it is an ACL tear, he is out for the year.  Get better soon, BG.



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The replay made it seem like he took a misstep fighting off a block and jammed his knee. Hopefully it is just hyperextended and not something more serious


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Game over! Eagles 30 Cowboys 27!

Hopefully that means the injury isn't serious.  I'm rehabbing from ACL replacement surgery so I might be overly sensitive about ACL tears...


December 13th, 2010 at 7:39 AM ^

BG has been coming off the bench as the 5th DL for the most part, and has been a solid contributor, especially rushing the passer in clear passing situations.  He's even played a bit of DT on passing downs.  Apparently he's been fighting through an ankle injury.  There's a decent write up here, which includes the following:

So what do we make of Graham halfway through his rookie season?  In a word, solid.  We hoped he might be a spectacular rookie, the defensive version of DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  That hasn't happened.  Graham has shown that he's a talented player.  His limitations are based on experience and being healthy.  He has 2 sacks and a forced fumble at midseason. Jerome McDougle finished his career with 3 sacks.  While Graham isn't setting the world on fire, he has been a good part of the defensive line rotation.  The Eagles are tied for 5th place in the league with 24 sacks.  

Eagles fans are -- rightly! -- expecting big things from him in the future.


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For whatever its worth, the guys on Sunday Night Football mentioned that bringing Graham off the bench for passing plays was the best alignment for the Eagles.  They intimated that Graham was weaker against the run than the other guy that rotates in with him.  But they made it clear that Graham was a beast on passing downs.


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I love that Brandon Graham has more sacks in his first twelve games as a pro (2) than Vernon Gholston's 3 seasons (0). I love to see Buckeyes bust in the NFL.


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This is the type of thing that seems to happen all too often to elite Michigan players.  They get banged up in the NFL -- Biakabatuka, Wheatley, Woodson in Oakland -- and then all the ESS EEE CEE fans claim that their lack of production in the NFL proves that Big 10 players suck.  Sure, some elite M players flame out in the NFL, but how can you say that the others suck just because they weren't impervious to injury?