Brady vs. Drew Round 1

Submitted by Thorin on January 13th, 2011 at 1:36 AM

We've already seen and talked about this but let's watch and talk about it again. Has Drew Sharp always had a speech impediment or does the Hokester just intimidate him? Either way, I'm calling round 1 for Hoke.



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It's late and I've been working all day, but I still saw this thread title and thought it was about Tom v. Henson. I need to stop working and go home now.


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Agreed. Let's hope he has something like this in store for Kelly/Dantonio/Tressel's defenses next year. Or wait, is it now that we have something in store for their offenses?

Either way, let's hope he's this badass on the field next year.


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I'm not shocked he asked it, but was dumbfounded he had the lady balls to repeat it.  Brady is right. The only thing to do is make sure the team wins the conference title. Technically after that, it's out of his hands if they actually get to play for NC (cart before horse, I know). 

Is the pimp hand transferable? Apparently so...


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Maybe that explains this whole fiasco of a search.

Day after RR was fired:

DB: "Brady, do you want the job?"

BH: "Hell yea, and I don't care what it pays or if you send a plane/train/automobile to get me, but I do have one request."

DB: "Sure, Brady, anything."

BH: "I want that pimp hand."

DB: "Ugh, fine, I'll give it up over the next week and you can take control of it once you get to A2."

BH: "Deal."


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You're actually not that far off.

Sharp's latest headline (and he wrote the article right after the presser) was...

"Michigan Shows It Wont be Like The SEC"

The scary thing is, he means that in a bad way.

Basically he doesn't think Michigan has the "cast iron stomach" to compete. Which seems like a vague way of saying, "Michigan can't win because they won't play dirty like the SEC." Which, LOL, considering, "RR is a cheater, he must go NOW."


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Your question was:

You've been t-talking a l-lot about how your goals are conference championships, I have not heard you say the word National Championship...

National Championship is two words Drew


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Right, so Sharp is like asking a starving man, "hey man, why would you want to eat that turkey sandwhich when you can have filet mignon.  What kind of man only hopes for turkey sandwhiches when if he only wished hard enough he could have filet mignon."

And the starving man is all "turkey sandwiches are not only delicious, especially with tasty condiments like mayo and avacado, but they are a good way of building strength so I can work and afford prime cuts of meat, such as, yes, filet mignon."

But that's not enough for Sharp, who's like "WHAT, you don't wish you had filet mignon and are happy to eat that mediocre ol' turkey sandwhich?  BALLS!"

And starving man says "I'm not saying I wouldn't want filet mignon it's just that I would like to start with the ingredients in my refridgerator, sliced turkey, avacado, mayo, and sourdough bread, and make that turkey sandwich first."

Mark G

January 13th, 2011 at 6:46 AM ^

After seeing him call out The Hokester on the National Chamopinship bit, I just had to see what he'd write.  And I was not disappointed. 

Michigan doesn't possess the cast iron stomach necessary for doing everything necessary to field the best team for contending for BCS national championships, as they do in the SEC. U-M can talk a big game about paying big salaries and truly being a national player, but in the end, U-M opted for what's safe, solid and sturdy. 

It was when I read this that I understood where Drew was coming from (really - hang in there).  He saying that we don't have the "guts" to cheat, lie, sell our soul, recruit thugs (who'd sell their ring for a 'Tat, yo).  It's said with the same taunting mock bravado as the insecure bully on the playground - "You don't have the guts to pull down her skirt".  Or the gangland wanna-be - "You don't have the guts to pull the trigger".

Ok Drew - you're right.  We don't.  We're different that the SEC in more ways than one.  We're Michigan.  We got the integrity and class not go to those lenghts (depths?) to win a national champoinsip.  It's not who we are, and it's not who I want us to be. 

If that means we win a few less National Championships over the years than others - I can live with that.  Thoughts?

And it was with this revelation that I began to understand why I liked what I saw yesterday at the presser.  And why I think Brady Hoke is better for Michigan that The Hat or my old classmate #4.

Thanks Drew.  You have finally served a useful purpose for me.  Now crawl back into your hole!

Maize and Blue in OH

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Brandon was on WJR this morning with Paul W. Smith. Brandon referred to a "media goof" who kept asking about National Championships.  After Brandon was done, Paul W. said, "I know who he was referring to as the media goof and I cannot dispute that.