Brady Hoke, what about Demar Dorsey? GRCC football program is done.....

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After 80 years, Grand Rapids Community College ends football…


I know this has been discussed but what about giving Demar another chance, especially since we need CBs and he can play a CB, albeit he would more likely be better at safety, a position that is filled. He will most likely be looking for a new place to play. What about Michigan? Would a grey shirt work?



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People need to wrap the concept around the fact Dorsey needs to have the grades though.  Dorsey might not be here because Hoke doesn't want him for some reason or might not be here because he doesn't have the grades.  Eitherway I wish Demar the best of luck.  


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If Demar has a 2.5 in college level courses Michigan could/should let him in.  The issue is whether or not he's taking those classes, or if instead he is taking non-core classes and/or remedial English and match classes that don't transfer.

With the questions about his high school preparation that saw him unable to get eligible at a D-1 school, it is hard to imagine he jumped right in to a full-time college curriculum, but anything is possible.  Looking at his course schedule would tell you everything you need to know about his transfer prospects at Michigan or anywhere else.


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This is pretty much a carbon copy of yesterday's thread, complete with comments about Arizona and wanting him to have another shot at UofM, but at least I learned GRCC has an athletic director named Charlie Weis.  Hope he is more presentable than good ole' discount double gut. EDIT:  Reading comprehension fail - it's Wells and not Weis...





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There has to be something going on behind the scene. I believe i remember reading how he has done a great job with his grades! I just hope its not the school holding a grudge against his past. Good luck to him!

Mr Miggle

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What did he do to UM? He wasn't admitted because of academics. That's also why he went to GRCC instead of another D-1 school.

If his academics are really in order now, he'd have no trouble finding a home in D-1, even if UM has no interest, I haven't heard his name mentioned once in any recruiting news. JUCO NSD has come and gone, NSD is approaching and he's going home. I'm getting very skeptical that he'll ever be eligible.


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I can't believe people are still hanging on to this one.  I remember how fed up everyone was getting when the whole thing was going down.  Everyone kept saying "ship has sailed."  

This is the definition of beating a dead horse.


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Oh, enough already with the DD suggestions. I'm pretty sure Hoke is aware of the kid. Maybe there's a reason why Dorsey isn't getting snapped up.