Brady Hoke was on the Dan Patrick show today

Submitted by HAIL-YEA on November 29th, 2011 at 9:53 PM

I heard a soundbite of Hoke saying his reaction to the Urban Meyer hiring as "not good" It turned out to be a really great inerview. If you haven't heard, its definatly worth the listen. Its the podcast at the very bottom.



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If you think that the Meyer hire is going to be great for Michigan's chances of recruiting in Ohio...

I'm afraid the derp is yours Brian. 

Even if you want to take it that way.  Is admitting the obvious derp-worthy?


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was a mistake though they definatly took it out of context and advertised it that way. But my intent of posting this was not to argue about him saying that, I think he was just trying to be respectful and give Meyer some praise. I just thought the interview was pretty good and people might want to listen to it.

Look Up_See Blue

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Thanks for posting this.  I enjoyed listening to the interview.  Brady Hoke is going to do great things for Michigan.  You can just hear it in his voice that he's an upstanding individual and what you see is what you get.  I loved how he said that if you have to use negatives about other schools than you don't have enough positives about your school.  That couldn't be more true.  The harsh reality is that most schools don't have enough positives and have to make pitches about the negatives of other schools.  I'm proud that Michigan doesn't operate like that.


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He totally put those words in Hoke's mouth. Anyone who has ever heard Hoke speak before knows this.

Hoke's respose was, "You know, not... (trails off)... *begins new sentence* "Good, we're gonna compete, we're gonna compete recruiting..."

So Hoke meant to say his reaction was good, and he's going to embrace the challenge."

Why doesn't he correct Dan Patrick? It's just not in his personality. He's the sort of guy who's just going to go with the flow of the conversation in this sort of situation.

All this means is that Hoke doesn't speak to the media very eloquently. We already knew this. He's a damn good football coach though, and has been nothing but a total blessing to this University.


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You can't blame him for thinking that initially. that is what it sounds like. They aren't people that watch every press conference this coach does, we understand how Hoke communicates and they didn't get it.. but i don't think he was trying to twist anything to make Hoke sound bad, he did later mention how much he liked Hoke and sensed his genuiness


November 30th, 2011 at 12:02 AM ^

Dude, they're doing a liveshow.  Not everything runs through their mind right away.  I listen to the DP show every morning, it's one of the better shows out there in terms of sports commentary and enterainment.  Get your panties out of a bunch.  Hoke's not a great speaker and somethings he says are gonna get taken the wrong way.  They were just laughing about it.  Patrick and the Dannettes are usually pretty pro-Michigan outside of Seton (the ND fan who went to WVU). 


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There is no fucking way that Coach Hoke meant "not good" and FUCK Dan Patrick for twisting his words and posting it there and twitter around the world...

In just his setence before saying that, he says "great!" about the Meyer hiring... and then to start the next answer he is like "welll...not...  pause  Good!  ...blah blah blah

Any idiot would know that he didnt say not-good

Of course a lot of idiots are Ohio fans so... there you go...


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PS:  It wont be surprising if Yahoo or one of the news wires picks this up and runs it all over the internet tomorrow...certainly the Freep and maybe AA will have it over there.... true of not, they will post it.

El Fuego

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I was reading the comments on the podcast and some Buckeye fan responds:

"Coach Hoke be truthful to DanNation- you know you used Ohio State's problems in recruiting. Insinuating multi-year bowl bans."

Is there really anymore that needs to be said?

Gorgeous Borges

November 29th, 2011 at 11:53 PM ^

What is it with Ohio fans and being complete assholes about Ohio high school kids who go to Michigan? I mean, if a top Michigan prospect goes to Ohio State, that's disappointing, and I won't root for them, seeing as how they go to Ohio State. But if Royce Jenkins-Stone decommitted from Michigan and committed to Ohio State, I don't think that there would be nearly the level of vitriol from Michigan fans that's being directed at Kalis.

Also, Urban Meyer being hired at Ohio State isn't good for Michigan, even if Hoke didn't say it. I don't mind it if Ohio State has a good coach but I'd prefer it if their coach was a crappy recruiter. Unfortunately, that hasn't happened.


November 30th, 2011 at 8:09 AM ^

I don't really think Urban Meyer is going to affect Michigan's recruiting that much.  I think it is much more likely to affect other team's recruiting efforts.  Look at this year.  MSU got pittman and nebraska got mcmullen when both were heavy osu leans at one point.  Other teams have benefited from osu's problems almost more than michigan.  The MSU's and Nebraskas of the world will be hurt by Meyer more than us