Brady Hoke speaks at HOF Luncheon Club

Submitted by ndjames86 on April 23rd, 2012 at 5:10 PM

Brady Hoke is hitting the road in Ohio today and tomorrow. He spoke to the HOF Luncheon club today which hosts a different figure from football each month. JT was a regular at these things and word is they reached out to Urban but he didn't have a monday open to make it. Coach is also scheduled to attend and speak tomorrow night at Massillon's spring football kickoff dinner. I'm definitely happy to see him hitting the recruiting/PR trail in northeast Ohio so hard - the area produces a ton of D1 talent and any edge over OSU can only help.




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That doesn't make sense.  Dasher and Dancer have the D-initialled reindeer positions locked down.  That leaves no room for a Devin position switch.  Borges is pretty creative, though.  I'm sure he can figure something out.  How does Devin's size project to an elf position?  He's a bit too large, no?


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the type of coach Ohio fans would love. Hard nosed, grind it out type attitude reminds everyone of Woody and Bo. As far as with Urban, after the whole Tressel thing theyre ready to cling to any big name. Lets not forget that these same fans were calling for Tressel's head after just one loss the past couple of years. I know we went through some really rough times with RR but there isn't a true Ohio fan who doesnt remember the pain and suffering they experienced with Cooper at the helm. They want someone who's going to talk big and beat Michigan, as long as that happens they'll be happy.


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I like Hoke and his overall attitude towards the rivalry and college football (no, sorry guys, the Ohio thing doesn't bother me) - but I wouldn't go so far as to say that I would rather have him over Meyer.

If you are just looking at pure football results, there is no arguing that Meyer is light years ahead of Hoke at the moment.  While Hoke is more similar to traditional Michigan/OSU coaches, Meyer brings an intensity level that is very similar to what Woody was like.  Some fans prefer that intense approach moreso than the traditional Hoke/Carr/Tressel approach.

However, if all else being equal (namely past football results), I, personally, would prefer the traditional Hoke approach over Meyer simply because it breeds stability.  The past few months have certainly been exciting, but I'm not sure how sustainable it is.

So to answer your question: no, I would wager 95%+ of OSU fans would rather have Meyer - but that's a testament to his past results more than anything. 


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Sparty is the one that is really getting shut out of Ohio...and that is fine by me.  Dantonio can suck it.  Hoke and Urban cleaning up on the top talent in Ohio, is back to old school and is at the core of the Rivalry.


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The Little Prince is no longer concerned with either Ohio or Michigan.  The real talent is in Florida, California, Inner Mongolia, and in the outer galaxy.  Wait till ole Mark installs his new talent.  College football in general and the B1G in particular will never know what hit it.