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I know that a lot of you (like me) were not very happy when Brady Hoke was announced to be our new head coach. However, we've had our day to mourn, and now its time to get behind the coach 100%. I am starting this thread so that we can collectively talk ourselves into liking Hoke as a coach and getting exited about the hire. If you have something good to say about Hoke, please say it. 

I'll start: his former players at M really like him, and being a "michigan man" should gain support from former players who didn't like RR



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And he showed us glimpses of what he could do, but wasnt a fit for UM
<br>Brady is.
<br>Also other coaches who didn't have much success or a credible resume did great at schools with tradition.
<br>Give him a chance before vilifying him.
<br>RR had his - fair or not I cannot say


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with two simple things -

Talk some shit about the Buckeyes at tonight's game and convince Denard to stick around and give it a shot. That will buy him a couple weeks.

Then, he needs to find away to get back 2 or 3 of our decommits and pull in a couple last-minute kids that were off our radar.

That will buy him time until spring.


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"Hoke it is", I was in the middle of doing a Pediatric patient assessment and I simply walked out on my instructor. He's a die-hard Hurricanes fan so he thankfully he understood. Anyway, as of today I'm 100% behind Hoke, my love for Michigan demands it. 


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I was bummed at first but now im only looking at the  positives.


here's what gives me hope in hoke.....


in the last 3 yrs at bsu and sdsu hoke went 25-13 and was named 2008 mac coach of the year and 2010 mwc coach of the year!


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....if you can't say nothin' positive don't say nothin' at all.

Welcome Brady Hoke!

Watch the video and enjoy!  I hope to see the Brady and Brandstatter introductory interview soon.   I, for one, welcome a person who talks of team and toughness from the start.  I am still a fan of RichRod, but was always disappointed that he projected a "scheme first"** persona.  I don't care if we have a Michigan man, but we need someone who builds a team and not introduces a scheme.  

I am also a fan of Borges and hope Hoke brings him along.  He has a stellar offensive track record and we are well suited to run a west coast style offense.  I would like to see more designed QB runs and draws than he ran at SDSU, and this is where adaptation to personnel will be key.  Denard could potentially put up 500-750 yds rushing and 3,000-3,500 yds passing in a west coast system featuring a running QB.  Look at Vick's numbers at Philly this year if you disagree.  


** IMO RR was scheme before team.  Discuss.


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I can't argue scheme before team one bit because even though I defended RR to the end, 3 wins or less in year one at almost every place he's coached is pretty hard to ignore. With that said, I think the big picture idea when replacing Lloyd was to replace Lloydball with something out of the 21st century for "long term success" and, dare I say, "relevance" after making a name as of late for getting smoked by mobile QBs rather than winning.

Growing pains should have been expected three years ago for the greater good just as they absolutely need to be expected now if we're set on returning to smashing faces with 3 yards and a cloud of such and such.

The real discussion lies in how no one (not even those in position to hire him in 2007) saw that RR's scheme didn't fit at Michigan and his hiring might warrant some patience in order to make it fit from what has turned out to be the least patient fanbase in sports.


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I just don't think Hoke's track record warrants an opportunity to coach at U-M.  Fortunately for Hoke as well as many of you, it doesn't matter what I think.

I guess if I was looking for positives I would say that the Freep Jihad is probably over (the good guys lost), and Lloyd's former players seem to like Hoke.  That's all I got.

Edit: Also, Hoke's brother is a position coach in the NFL (Secondary Coach - Bears).  He should make him part of the staff (DC?)  Even if he doesn't, this somewhat proves he has coaching/football in his blood.


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"I know that a lot of you (like me) were not very happy when Brady Hoke was announced to be our new head coach. However, we've had our day to mourn, and now its time to get behind the coach 100%. I am starting this thread so that we can collectively talk ourselves into liking Hoke as a coach and getting exited about the hire"

Nice way to start a Hype post with nothing but negative. 


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I have not read a single bad thing about this guy since he was announced. And If our players are sold on him than so am I. If he is at the basketball game I want to him say that we are going to kick little brother and tOSU's ass this year. That would get the rest of the fanbase behind him for sure.


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After a night of drinking and grieving I've come to the conclusion that Hokemania is perfect for us, He just looks like the type of guy we need. A "Don't Fuck with us" attitude is exactly what we need. Come out at Halftime tonight and just talk shit about tOSU and our entire fanbase will be behind him.


The Future is bright my friends.

SC Wolverine

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There's a lot of really good things to say about the Brady Hoke hire.  (Yes, there are a few bad things to say, but that is not the point of this thread).  When you add them all up, there are good reasons to be excited about our new coach:

1.  Passionate about Michigan football, thrilled out of his mind to be our coach.

2.  This job will absolutely determine his standing as a college football coach, so he really is all-in.

3.  The former players love him and admire him as a coach.  You could see from the news reports the effect this has on current players.  Whether or not we jobbed Rich Rod (we did), we have a real change to unify everyone with a stake in UM football.  Let's not blow it.

4.  He does has a good track record with recruiting (Tom Brady, anyone?).

5.  He is a defensive-minded coach (and man, do we need defense).

6.  While his overall record is not inspiring, he did turn around two programs in the dumps.  Obviously, he can communicate and inspire young athletes and he probably can develop them (just as important as recruiting).

7.  While his current record is not inspiring, it seems that everyone who personally knows the guy really does think he is terrific.

8.  Unlike Harbaugh, who wouldn't have been here long, and Miles, who wouldn't have been here long (and we might not have wanted him for long), if Hoke succeeds, he will coach here until the end of his career.

So welcome, Brady Hoke!  I think that we might really like you when you get to know you.  Go blue, Brady, beat OSU!

The Nicker

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Can someone doll up one of the Barack Obama Hope posters into a Brady Hoke "Hoke" image that can be utilized in a new banner?


I think that would be useful.