Brady Hoke and Glenville HS

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This isn't necessarily "insider news," but a comment from Frank Clark that struck me as rather interesting and very encouraging.  Clark is a 3 star TE/LB who will be visiting this weekend for his official.  Frank Clark plays at Glenville.  I think this kind of statement will help us, especially in 2012.  My guess is for Clark it will come down to Michigan and Michigan State:

"I will be visiting Michigan next week, and I'm excited about that," he stressed. "I haven't really talked to the new coaching staff, but they have been talking to Coach (Ted) Ginn about me, and I know he respects the new guys a lot. They have been talking."

That right there is called Brady Hoke developing good relationships with Ohio Coaches, including one of the premier (if not the premier) HS coaches in the state.


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to M while RR was here.  Higher ranked guys than Frank Clark.  Ginn Sr's problems were with LC and until we get a Glenville guy that OSU wants I'm not buying it.  OSU doesn't want Clark or Jones and I still don't believe we'll get them.

Remember Marcus Hall proclaiming M his leader, Aundrey Walker was here, and others also came while RR was here.  I'm starting to think the blog is turning into what the country is becoming a bunch of sheep who follow what the masses want.


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There was supposedly friction between Carr and Ginn Sr.  When Ginn Jr. came up for a visit he was supposedly blown off or something and Ginn Sr. felt offended and led to issues.

Of course when we hired RR he went after people in Glenville as well and everyone hoped that the new coach would possibly open up Glenville to Michigan but nothing major really came from it.  I'll believe it when Hoke starts to sign guys but until then Glenville is mostly a tOSU pipeline.


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What did Woods do to deserve two years in the doghouse, especially at a time when Carr shuffled up the defensive line with one constant principle: Pat Massey must start.

If it wasn't enough to get him thrown off the team, it must have not been that bad.


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The only person he doesn't like is Lloyd Carr because we wouldn't give 'ittle Teddy Ginn a scholarship at WR, only DB.  Or so goes the general wisdom that has been spit out by the rumor-mongers.

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OSU has many an option at DE in 2012, and not many slots available. They'll go hard after Wormley, but not as hard as if there weren't 10 bazillion other 4* DEs available in the state. As far as your second statement... well JT Turner for one. Jerald Robinson was about to get an OSU offer but he committed to Michigan (they called his coach and offered). Kevin Koger had an OSU offer, Patrick Omameh had an OSU offer, and I'm sure there's a few I'm missing


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1) RR wasn't able to lure a Ohio recruit with an OSU offer in the last 2 years (Jerald didn't get one).

2) Koger was a semi-Lloyd commit (but props to RR for keeping him on board)

3) None of the guys you mentioned (save Turner) was a major focus on tOSU recruiting class.

This is obviously not to disparage these players at all.  Guys like Omameh, Koger, Robinson are or will be good, productive players on this team.  But when you have names like Howard and Woodson coming from Ohio, there's no question that our Ohio recruiting has not been the same recently.


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Regarding Jerald Robinson, from a Scout Article:

My family and I were talking to Coach Rodriguez, and my dad got a call from my coach,” Robinson remembered. “He stepped out in the hallway for a minute and then he called me out there. My coach talked to me and asked me about my visit. I told him it was great and I was talking to Coach Rodriguez right then.  He asked me if I committed yet, and I told him I was getting ready to right that second.  He said he had the coaches from Ohio State on the phone asking if I had committed yet, and he said he thought they were going to offer right there.  I just told him ‘I’m a Wolverine’ and my dad said he’s not taking it, and that I committed to Michigan.  That’s the end of the story. At one point I did like Ohio State a lot, and they were my top school. After I visited Ohio State and then Michigan, I’d much rather be at Michigan.  The coaching staff here makes you feel more welcome

They were about to offer him.

In regards to Koger, you're more or less right. When Rodriguez was hired, he contemplated looking around, but ended up sticking with his commitment because he liked Rodriguez. Whenever a new coach is hired, a commitment's recruitment almost starts over again, Rodriguez had to earn Koger's respect.

As far as Omameh goes...he wasn't really a major focus of ours until after his senior season...same with OSU. We both made pushes for him and we got him. 

I will agree that our Ohio recruiting hasn't been the same in while, but outside of Boren (bleh) and Cobrani Mixon, Carr wasn't exactly cleaning up either. It's a pretty big statement to put that on RR's shoulders


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Wormley's the only one we're really 'in good shape' with at this time. I'd like to get Wormley and let OSU take their pick of Greg McMullen, Latroy Lewis, Se'von Pittman, and Adolphus Washington, among others. But if any of them want to head north I certainly wouldn't say no.