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I'm not sure what his level is - or if he has one as a head coach anymore. Coaches at the lower levels aren't the CEO type that Brady is. They typically offer something on the defensive or offensive side of the ball in terms of vision or expertise and Brady offers neither of those. Plus, his time at Michigan also showed he has questionable taste when it comes to picking assistants. So he's not even that good of a CEO type coach.

It's unfortunate for him, but I think he was exposed as a head coach at Michigan and it'll wind up killing his head coaching career. If he wants to get back into coaching, it'll have to be as an assistant. He basically like Ed Orgeron, just not as awesome.

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As I stated in other BH coaching interview thread... I'm so glad

he was able to leverage his internship here at UM into other coaching opportunities.

I wish I couuld display his level of incompetence at my job and get paid ridiculous sums of money and new opportunities for which I am not qualified.

If hired, they should duct tape a headset to his cranium, even if it's not plugged in.  Just hoping the year off hasn't affected the rhythm of his clapping.


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With the right coach, they can do a lot with the talent pool in the area. No reason Tulane couldn't get their pick of mid-major talent in Louisiana. Great school right in New Orleans. With Hoke's recruiting prowess, he might actually be the right fit for them


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Hoke turned BSU and SDSU around.   Hoke is a good football coach in the right situation which Tulane probably is.     Hoke has a lot of flaws that were magnified by the Michigan magnifying glass and the transition from RR spread personel to his own pro guys.  Had he developed his O-line, Gardener wouldn't have been shell-shocked and the last couple of years would have been much different.  

Thank God Harbuagh is a QB guru because our O-line run blocking still wasn't very good this year.  Everyone knocks our backs these days, but I have a hard time believing that Smith, Isaac, Green, Johnson, etc. are all awful.  

Hoke has some coaching left in him.  Not everyone can be a Harbaugh, Meyer, Saban, Dantonio.



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Hoke did not turn BSU around.



Ball State:: -9% relative to historic norm


Ball St. in 3 years prior to Brady Hoke:

2000: 5-6

2001: 5-6

2002: 6-6


Ball St. under Brady Hoke:

2003: 4-8

2004: 2-9

2005: 4-7

2006: 5-7

2007: 7-6

2008: 12-2


Hoke’s record for EACH of his first four years at Ball State was WORSE than the three years prior to his arrival. It was only in Hoke’s fifth year that he exceeded Bill Lynch’s results for the three years before Hoke arrived.


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But Tulane is the kind of program that he should be aiming for. It's had just three winning seasons in the last 17 years, and he wouldn't be replacing a popular fired coach like Ruffin McNeil at ECU, so expectations aren't going to be high. His stint at Michigan revealed his limitations for Power 5 coaching positions, but he'd be a step up for Tulane. 


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Have to agree here, with the caveat that he is responsible for recruitment and technical development only. Hoke's godawful player management is something that should not be forgotten. The Morris Fiasco aside, his treatment of some other injury situations basically was "you're not injured. Want to play ever again? Then you're not allowed to be injured."

It pulls the maximum toughness out of people, but it can wreck them forever. Brady Hoke should not be put in charge of the well-being of football players.


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However, I have to wonder if this is a good fit for him.  The one thing he did supremely well at Michigan was recruit good citizens, who went to class and graduated.  Will the Tulane fan base appreciate that as much as we do at Michigan?  That's a serious question.  I don't know.  I'm only going off of my impressions from the point shaving scandal involving their basketball team from a few years back, and the fact they are smack dab in the middle of "whatever it takes" SEC country.


December 11th, 2015 at 10:42 AM ^

But by no means does that mean they take the same approach to recruiting as the SEC does.  That's one reason why Tulane left the SEC, they did not want to emphasize athletics as much (not at all, but not nearly as much), as the SEC does, and simultaneously wanted to place more importance on the academics.  Tulane is private, so there is some leeway there with getting recruits into school, but it won't be a walk in the park.  Similar standards as those of Michigan.


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Given the amount of talent in Louisiana and the south in general, the appeal of living in New Orleans, etc. you'd think they could easily become a Northwestern-esque program. Top notch academic institution which would appeal to the Stanford/Northwestern/Vandy types of recruits who highly value the strength of their degrees.

And beyond that, you'd think that a top notch coach would be at least intrigued by the idea of living in an awesome city that also happens to be pretty talent-rich for recruiting.

Something doesn't compute. Why do they suck so much?


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Home games in the Superdome far from campusd until recently, no real local fanbase(NO is all Saints/LSU), dead atmosphere(Tulane students are not necessarily locals and not usually football fans), no tradition and a lot of competition for Group of five level recruits in the area.  

Add on little to no insitutional commitment and you get the recipe for Tulane football.


Avon Barksdale

December 11th, 2015 at 10:22 AM ^

I actually think Brady would do an incredible job at Tulane. He would have a good recruiting base in New Orleans and Texas. He could also grab some of the lower level midwest kids who want to get out of the cold weather for a few years. Tulane was great with Shaun King, good with Patrick Ramsey, and decent with J.P. Losman under center.

He could attempt to build their program back up (which is what Brady was decent at when at Ball State and San Diego State).


December 11th, 2015 at 11:21 AM ^

Yep. Tulane's decision in the '60s to leave the SEC is one of the all-time sports management blunders.

Even if you're perennially bad like Vandy (as Tulane was at the time), you still get to play eight games a year against some of the giants of college football. You also would still have an in-state rivalry with LSU. Instead, Tulane shares its Saturdays with UConn and the like.

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Heinous Wagner

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Hope he gets this gig. But he'd better stay away from those waist-expanding beignets. Gumbo, however, is mandatory. And also jambalaya in moderation. And ham po-boys from Mama's. 


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Hoke didn't turn around Ball State. That ship crashed shortly after he left. Want to say he meaningfully shifted SDSU upward? I'd buy that.

His best fit would be as a D-line coach and recruiter. (Many others have suggested the same.) Why not play to your strengths? He could also try (with a good chance of success, I think) to be the John Madden of college football broadcasting.


December 11th, 2015 at 11:09 AM ^

Defense and recruiting may be his best fit but he loves the game and he loves coaching why not be in charge if somebody will hire you? If my job gave me the oppurtunity to be in charge I would grab it and run with it and work my ass off trying to make it work. I don't think coaching is much different. 


December 11th, 2015 at 12:28 PM ^

Hoke didn't turn around Ball State. That ship crashed shortly after he left.


Not only did it crash after he left - his record was worse than historical norm for the school, and it took him 5 season to surpass the 6-6 record his predecessor had the year before he came in.


Hoke did not "turn around" BSU. Hoke was a typical coach at BSU who continued to have similar success to his predecessor then had one miracle season.