Brady Hoke?

Submitted by we the roses on November 29th, 2010 at 6:30 PM

I hate this coaching talk as much as the next guy. At the same time, IF something happens, do you think Hoke would be on our list? Former D-Line coach when we won the championship and did an excellent job at Ball State and San Diego State. I would say this man would be on our short POTENTIAL list of candidates.



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I live in Minnesota so I occasionally visit, and the reaction of posters there when Hoke became a "leading candidate" was somewhere in the vicinity of "WHY GOD WHY?"

To be kind, he qualifications are less than impressive (one good season at Ball State, in the midst of turning around SDSU, 0-1 bowl record) and if RRod was canned for him I....there are no words for what I would do.  Something along the lines of head assplode sounds about right.

Seriously, give me Shannon before Hoke.


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Brady Hoke will not coach Michigan, not now, and not in the forseeable future.  If RR is let go then it will be Harbaugh.  If RR is retained it will be RR.  Unless someone like Bill Belichick is interested, that is the list.


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Great -- he's in his early 50s (past the peak, arguably), had a single stellar season at Ball State, and is off to a good start at Mid-Major football program.  I think he'd be a fine candidate for, oh, Cincinnati.  But, Michigan?  Not even close.  I think the school can do way better.


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I think Brady Hoke is a good coach (or at the very least is not the worst coach of all time like people make him out to be), and there would be many many far worse candidates out there.  That being said, he just hasn't shown enough to take the reigns of the winningest football program of all time during arguably its worst three year stretch of all time.  Say we still suck three years from now and he has SDSU winning the Mountain West (or whatever is left of it) every year.  Then let's talk. 


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Minnesota seems to think he's their guy - though Miami might throw a wrench in that.  Regardless, I think we're looking at either Harbaugh or RR. 


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Back in the Haloscan days, I offered to flip the bill for the largest tailgate ever for the Utah game if Brady Hoke was our head coach.

Offer stands for WMU on 9/3


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Less than a month ago I very unwisely made a standing offer that I would buy dinner for Brian Cook and his GF at the Chop House in A2 if Harbaugh ever becomes coach at Michigan. Do you think that dinner for 3 (hell yes, I'm going too) at the Chop House will be more or less $$ than your largest tailgate ever?


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for Indiana or Minnesota.  For Michigan, at least at this point, not so much.  It's likely to be Harbaugh or bust concerning a coaching change.  I just don't see anyone other than RR or Harbaugh as Michigan's coach next season.


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In my humblest of all opinions, pomegranate tastes better with turkey and mash potatoes than cranberry sauce does. Throw in some nice bread pudding and gravy and you have yourself one helluva thanksgiving meal. 

My name ... is Tim

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Why would we ever replace RichRod with a head coach with a resume much less impressive than our current coach's before he took the job? If you're going to replace RichRod, it has to be with somebody with a proven track record at a big-time program, ideally in a conference better than the Big East. If not, you're basically rolling the dice again with the same odds of future success but greater likelihood of transfers/recruiting fallout.


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hiring Rich Rodriguez, who turned down Alabama the year before, is not in ANY way comparable to the hypothetical hiring of Brady Hoke.  The Rodriguez hire was universally applauded across the board.  There was no "rolling of the dice."  To say that hiring Hoke would be "rolling the dice again with the same odds of future success" as the Rodriguez hire is almost as outrageous as suggesting Michigan hire Hoke in the first place.


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I hear bill mccartney wants to have another shot at coaching colorado.  if so, do you think lloyd would try and come back and restore our greatness.  after all, he ran the spread against florida and he was a former defensive coordinator.  you can't argue he isn't a michigan man.  maybe he could try and get moeller to be our new dc (gary, not andy)