The Brady 6 Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on April 12th, 2011 at 7:59 PM
Really more of a reminder than an open thread, but starting on ESPN in a minute.



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I was JUST thinking about that palazzola....  Great(?) press for us.  Hearing Lloyd Carr talk about Brady reminds me what a great coach he was, all things considered.  I can only hope we hear Hoke talking about our players in the same way in the future.  Telling the Patriots guy that he will never regret drafting Tom Brady?  Priceless...


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Rationalize it, and blame other people.
<br>Just admit you were wrong. Brady lived in the apartment below mine, and I always rooted for him in the "I like them both" battles, but I thought I was ranking him above everybody else by just thinking he's be a 10 year back-up in the League. I didn't see it coming.


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His point was pretty correct though.  He had to split time with a freshman even though he was a 10 game winning 5th year senior.  I can see how that doesn't inspire confidence.  But still, I feel like his game film from college was still impressive enough that they should have given him a harder look.


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But Tee, at least in his 30 second soundbytes, seemed like a great guy too. His last lines about his kid was cool. And I was amused how they mentioned he could win a National Championship for Tennessee after Peyton couldn't. (Who incessant Woodson-Brady teasing aside, seems like a pretty good guy too).


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I love Tom Brady. There's just not anything about him anyone can point to as a reason they don't like him unless it's 100% out of jealousy.


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Haha nah man it's just when I look at Tom Brady, "Michigan QB" isn't the first thing that comes to mind.  It's more like "Tom Brady yawns when he plays the Bills because its so fucking easy to beat us."  When I see Chad Henne of the hated Miami Dolphins, Im like "Chad Henne is a pimp and I will always love him."  It's just different for guys I remember at UM as opposed to guys who I don't remember from UM.


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Than Tommy. I love it.
<br>I should have had him buy me a new car rather than have his dad cover the damages from backing his truck into my car. The mirror was never the same.


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The Henson stuff kind of bummed me out. It's unfortunate that his pro career(s) didn't work out, because he was a really great college player and he's not remembered for that. He's remembered as the hyped freshmen who Brady had to split playing time with, but in fact his junior year was one of the best ever for a QB at Michigan. Didn't Henson make Brian's 'All Carr Team' as QB? It's sad to see that even he thinks he should have just picked baseball or football and just stuck with whichever. I think anyone who was a fan of that '01 team still wonders how good it could have been had he stuck around for his senior year. Alas...

I did think it was a really good film. Tom Brady's story really is incredible - hearing him talk about all these experiences, how much doubt he faced is really humbling. If I only worked as hard at my job... Lots of teams/players played the 'no one believed in me' card and it can be kind of grating as a fan. Not in this case - it's continuously a joy to see how much better he gets and to hope that one day UM can lay claim to developing the undisputed greatest QB of all time. 


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The thing is, Brady didn't cry b/c it was painful to get picked #199.  He cried b/c he remembers his parents supporting him through what WAS a tough time.  How can you blame the guy for that?


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Losing that undefeated season will scar me for life....unless Tom wins 2 more.
<br>I wish Drew had concentrated on football...(or one sport, but I think football) because I DO think he could have been good.
<br>The draft obviously still drives Brady.
<br>And Matt Millen? Shut up.


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Wow.  The first sentence on the upcoming Sportscenter:  "Is Locker the heir apparent in New England?"

After 1 hr talking about Brady's heart...good luck buddy.  34 means nothing to him.


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How did we get 36 comments on this thread without anyone mentioning Giovanni Carmazzi's goats? After that nugget, I think I would tune in to a documentary on Carmazzi's life as a hermit goat herder... "The Carmazzi 5"