Bowl Selection Shows Open Thread

Submitted by M-Wolverine on December 2nd, 2012 at 8:26 PM
Yeah, all the major announcements have leaked, but we've got all of ESPN's analysis, predictions, and talk of match-ups. And who knows maybe there will be a surprise along the way. BCS Selection Show at 8:30 ESPN followed by the Bowl Selection Special for everyone else. Flip from Walking Dead and Homeland, or dvr them.



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Clemson at 14?  What have they done this season that is so impressive?

Northern Illinois is unimpressive as well, hadn't even heard of them this season until 2 weeks ago.  They lost to Iowa and beat Kansas by only seven points.  Hell, you could make an argument that Purdue is more deserving of a BCS spot.



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eating apples during the entire duration of that game.

Might have to eat 4th quarter apples in the bathroom after throwing up 2nd quarter apples. That's a lot of apples!


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In the new system, the highest ranked conference champion of the Big East, MWC, CUSA, Sun Belt, and MAC get an auto-bid to one of the six bowls. 

The only thing that would have changed is that two other teams would have been included. Someone still would have had to played NIU


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OK, I'm an idiot and I just took one quick look at the BCS rankings and considered a few things like conferences and if they played each other before and made this lineup.  Why can't we come up with a lineup like this?  It would be so much more entertaining.



#1 Notre Dame vs #2 Alabama

#4 Florida vs #5 Oregon

#3 Georgia vs #6 K-State

#7 LSU vs #8 Stanford

#9 Texas A&M vs #11 Oklahoma

#10 South Carolina vs #13 FSU

#12 Nebraska vs #14 Clemson

#15 Oregon St vs #18 Texas

#16 UCLA vs #19 Michigan


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No, no, no.  You're doing it all wrong.  That system makes sense.  If there is one thing we've come to know about college football is that nothing is allowed to make sense.  If something would appear simple, it must be confused.  If a conference features schools in geographically sensible states, it must add schools at random.  If a recruit appears to be a perfect fit for a school, he must choose the opposite.  If an administrator states that he is looking out for competetive balance and tradition, he must only seek money and notoriety.



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1/1/99 Wisconsin 38 UCLA 31
1/1/00 Wisconsin 17 Stanford 9
1/1/01 Washington 34 Purdue 24
1/3/02 Miami (Fla.) 37 Nebraska 14
1/1/03 Oklahoma 34 Washington State 14
1/1/04 USC 28 Michigan 14
1/1/05 Texas 38 Michigan 37
1/4/06 Texas 41 #-USC 38
1/1/07 USC 32 Michigan 18
1/1/08 USC 49 Illinois 17
1/1/09 USC 38 Penn State 24
1/1/10 Ohio State 26 Oregon 17
1/1/11 TCU 21 Wisconsin 19
1/2/12 Oregon 45 Wisconsin 38


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Because no one knows if those teams are really the best, since they only play each other. Force everyone to play tough out of conference games and then you can just put in the "best" teams.


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Just thinking of it again now, and as a disclaimer, I fully understand what these two schools did are very bad.  But does anyone find it strange that the two schools suffering the most from NCAA sanctions are in the Big Ten?  They both brought it upon themselves (in different ways), but I find it surprising that, apparently, the two worst "offenders" in college football are in the same division in college football, while, who else... USC.... has even minor sanctions against them?  Just very bizarre that the NCAA saw smoke in the Big Ten and came down excessively (in the football sense) in one case and relatively hard in the other, while I can list off a variety of other programs which have been smoking and smoldering for years with minimal consequences.  UNC has basically been home-schooling its athletes (and by that I mean they stay at home while they get A's in their classes), Miami has been basically run by outside nefarious individuals for decades, Oregon has shown obvious signs of problems, Auburn buys... I mean recruits... one player and has its only success in a decade, and nothing! 

I'm not saying there is some sort of conspiracy, but what is the situation?  Were the Big Ten schools too forthcoming?


Wolverine Devotee

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Herm, what do you think about Michigan having a chance to trot out another special uniform?


Michigan may consider designing a special bowl game jersey if the opportunity presents itself. However, a final determination will be made later in the year.





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Wear purple for all I care.  College football is going to hell in a handbasket anyways. 

Pretty soon it will be a game of two-hand touch grab-ass between Michigan and some garbage school with a television market, played in front of 15,000 East Coast tea drinkers with sparkles and fur on the uniforms, strip-teasers on the sidelines and rap stars yelling into microphones at the "fans".



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Not to defend the NCAA, which has let some programs get away with murder, but I would say Ohio State got off light, directly compatred to USC. I think Ohio State deserved worse. Then again, I think USC deserved worse as well. And Miami still has yet to get hit, with people assuming they'll get hit hard.