Bowl Season Opening Day Thread - BYU vs UTEP

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Finishing up a close game in the D2 bracket. Delta State is down 3 with 2:22 to go. Went for it on 4th and goal from the one. False start pushes it back 5. So they go for the FG. It's blocked. Wait... DELAY OF GAME!  KO return goes to the offensive 45! Challenged! He fielded the ball on one knee, he's down, it's coming back to the defensive 30.

Coming up next BYU vs UTEP at the New Mexico Bowl. JCB has UTEP +12. Neither of these teams are very good, but I like the matchup to be closer than 12 as well. I'll take and the points, but I'll take BYU straight up. 



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Question to the board - if you are using the MGoBlog ESPN bowl challenge as a gambling tool with a buddy, how much should each point be worth?  $1? Fifty cents?  Wouldn't want one side to be owing the other one a grand, but in the hundreds is OK. 


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Creeping says his father's name is Bob and hs mother is Sandy(

There is a Paul Kariya in the NHL and Paul's brother, Steve, who won a NC at Maine, played a little with the Canucks a few years ago and is now in Europe.

So, at the very least, it's not particularly direct.  Also, Paul and Steve are both Canadian's and Bryan at least played highschool football in Utah.  However, Paul does have the middle name "Tetsuhiko" and Bryan certainly looks somewhat Asian and speaks Mandarin.

Wiki says Paul also has a brother Martin and a sister Noriko.  So, possible connection somewhere, but not super close.


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For those of you that missed the D2 championship, wow. So after that called back return, UMD goes 3 and out, choosing to punt on fourth and inches around the 35. Punt gets them just past the 50 yard line. 

Delta State tries to get into FG range after a productive run, but the throw is picked. UMD returns it to the 27. They kneel then spike it with 3 seconds left. Kick is ugly as hell but goes through. Minnesota Duluth wins it's second NC in the last 3 years. Crazy ending. 


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That was a classic ending. The whole game was riveting. Delta State was a huge underdog (+12.5) and they almost pulled off an outright upset. It was funny listening to the NM Bowl announcers hype it up at the beginning as 'nothing better than college bowl season.'

Uh, actually there is. See these playoffs, for example. The D3 game between Mt Union and Whitewater today should be fun, too


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Thanks for playing! Good luck to you!

I took Over, Under, Over and NIU

Interesting thing about the JJ Di Luigi prop. We have it at 120.5 yards in the Pick-4, but the actual Vegads/Sportsbook prop on that was 110.5

Sorry in advance for having such outrageous lines, lol

Michigan Manders

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So UTEP's kicker just made a field goal from 52 yards out. If he happens to transfer directly after his game is there a loophole in the NCAA that will allow him to play on January 1?

Zone Left

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No they don't.  BYU has my third highest confidence rating in the MGoBlog pick'em pool.  I'm confident that the five minutes I spent picking these games will lead me to glory and the love of many beautiful women.


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I understand why Price went for it there at the end, instead of kicking the FG But, when you have +12, you can see how big a FG would have been there.

My prop bets at the JCB look good, though.

Kris Adams needs 1.5 yards to go over 68.5...he got 67 on 1 play. Would have hit already  had he held on to that ball at the goal line at the end of the half.

JJ Di Lugui needs 40.5 rushing/receiving yards to go over 110.5

The JCB wont look quite as idiotic, well no more than usual,  if at least those props come true in the second half. Have not given up on +12, but we've seen the same first half. It's not likely


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Man, since BYU head coach took over as the D coordinator they jumped from 102 scoring D, down to 32nd? wow.. sign us up for that kind of change mid season