Bowl Outlook Very Simple

Submitted by Brady2Terrell on November 25th, 2012 at 9:51 PM

After Saturday, the bowl picture for Michigan is extremely simple.  Eligible B1G teams:


B1G Records - Bowl Eligible Teams
Nebraska [11-2] or [10-3] pending B1G title game
Northwestern 9-3
Michigan 8-4
Wisconsin [8-5] or [7-6] pending B1G title game
Minnesota 6-6
Michigan State 6-6
Purdue 6

If Nebraska beats the Badgers next weekend, they go to the Rose Bowl, and the Capital One Bowl takes 8-4 Michigan (who hasn't played there since the 2007 season) over 9-3 Northwestern and 7-6 Wisconsin.

If Wisconsin beats the Cornhuskers, Wisconsin to the Rose, Nebraska at 10-3 gets the Capital One nod over Michigan, and we play in the Outback Bowl for the first time since the 2002 season.



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For serious though, as Michigan fans, don't we want to see our conference do better (especially in Bowl games and OOC games) because then it validates our wins/losses?

I see a lot of people saying that we lost to #1 and #2 this year which actually isn't a bad thing... If we beat ND, they would have probably ended up losing to another team or two and not be receiving this attention which is positive for Michigan... Let them be a Top-10 team when they come to Ann Arbor next year, I doubt they pull a good game out of their ass when our defense returns 6-7 starters and our only BIG loss is Kovacs- which I'm sure Mattison will have some sort of fix for

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The only B1G conference team I pull for besides Michigan in bowl games is Northwestern.  Because, come on, they're Northwestern. 

This is PROBABLY a result of growing up during the age of Bo; Michigan's record in bowl games then was so godawful that you didn't want other Big Ten teams winning their bowl games to make your own record look even worse.


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If we get the warm weather with a solid TV audience, the players will be rewarded for their hard work and UM football will grab more national momentum for recruiting.

Beating any SEC team gives us a big upside,


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Michigan can't go to the Capital One Bowl if Nebraska loses. Nebraska will have 2 more wins than Michigan, and the Capital One Bowl isn't allowed to take a team with 2 less wins than another eligible team. Its Outback if Nebraska loses, Cap 1 if Nebraska wins, root accordingly. 


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Most people see us in the Capital One Bowl, facing Georgia.  If Georgia wins the SEC championship game and goes to the Title game, it seems likely that Alabama will be in the Capital One Bowl.  (This assumes that the Sugar Bowl still takes Florida.)  Presumably, the Capital One Bowl wouldn't rematch us with Alabama, so wouldn't we end up in the Outback Bowl?  Who is our likely opponent in that case--South Carolina?  LSU?