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Submitted by MGoSoftball on December 2nd, 2011 at 12:02 PM

I received an email from the Victors Club for the upcoming bowl game.  These will be offered to the Victors Club members now and then to the general public 10am Monday.

A credit card is required to purchase the tickets and tickets are NOT guaranteed.  Tickets will be sold based on priority points.  5000+ points can request unlimited number of tickets while as little as 1 point can request 8 tickets.  The Alumni Association has a tour package for sale as well.

I will wait until Sunday night to determine if I can go based on which bowl has offered us.

I know this is going to be a BIG game for us, possibly a BCS offer.  So I imagine the requests will be high.  My question is, does anyone have an idea as to what the cut off will be in terms of priority points?  How many tickets will MGOBLUE get?  Will there ba any left over for the general public?




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If we do get the Sugar Bowl invite, each school receives 17,500. Don't know how many the school holds back for students, but I'd imagine they'll probably make it to general sale. How big is the Victors Club, anyway? 


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Last year for the Gator Bowl tickets went on sale the Monday after they were announced, and you had until Wednesday or Thursday to get your applications in. It was NOT on a first come first serve basis, instead if they went over their allottment they would do a drawing. I believe that we turned in all our applications together in order to get seating together. Of course there was no lottery last year, but if there were to be a lottery, your entire group would be treated as one lottery entry no matter the size, so either all of you got a ticket or none of you got a ticket. I think tickets were something like $80. We were able to pick up our tickets before heading down to Florida.

Now I've looked a bit at Sugar Bowl tickets. Here is how Arkansas and OSU did it last year. Both of them sold tickets to students for $92. Arkansas forced everyone to go into an online lottery right away, allowing one ticket per student season ticket holder, and required them to show student id down at the bowl site to pick up their ticket. OSU on the other hand allowed two tickets per student to be purchased, without need for a lottery, and to pick up their tickets before heading down to New Orleans. Hope that helps.


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If more student tickets are requested than there are student tickets available, a lottery will be used. If there are student tickets still available, no lottery system will be used and they will be made available for the general public (this is what happened for the 2007 Rose Bowl).


EDIT --> Not general public, the university decides what to do with the remaining tickets.


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Yeah, that might not matter.  I'd miss my first day of classes if I wanted to go.  Especially since it's a Wednesday, so you probably have two classes that day and an early-ish flight gets you back for your afternoon ones.  I doubt the game would keep most people from missing more than one class.


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Can anyone explain to me what these are/do?

I apparently have 30 Priority Points that I have never used.  If I send $100 to the school by end of January, these become 'active'.  What does than mean for me/what benefots do I get for doing it? Specifically, I am looking to obtain great seats to the UM-Bama game in Dallas next year.

Can anyone explain how the Prioity Points work? Thanks.


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Priority points are how the Ath. Dept. determines who gets what when stuff is limited. You don't "use" them per se.  You just have them.  If you give $100 bucks then your points are active and will put you ahead of all people with less points and the general public.  For Bama game, if there is a Victors Club sale you will get priority over all those you are ahead of.


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if it ends up being the Sugar Bowl, I'd hold off on buying tickets immediately.


Something tells me Houston wouldn't be able to find 17.5k people to go to the game even if it is a 5 hour drive to New Orleans.  


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Houston has 5k more undergraduates than we do. This will be their biggest bowl game since...forever? They'll sell out their allotment. They may not have alums all over the country like we do, but their Texas residents probably are within easy driving distance. Don't risk the tickets going public, buy them when possible.


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Agreed, this is terrible advice. Houston is a big school in a big city very close to the bowl. Houston gets to play in a bowl of this magnitude once every 30 years. Texas and TAMU are playing in lesser (or far lesser) bowls this year.

I'd try for the face value tix if you can. Finding tickets less than that will be tough to swing.


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It's all good.  If you were simply thinking of a typical mid-major team who makes a bowl, you'd usually be right.  But this happens to be a mid-major school that has a pretty high enrollment, located in a major city that's driving distance from the bowl. 

Houston doesn't bring a ton of people to their regular season games, but they sell-out their 32k seat stadium, which they are intending to rebuild. 

This is a chance for their team to go undefeated and win a BCS bowl, something the school may never have a shot at again.  A lot of Houston students/alumni/fans will want to witness that, and the Superdome holds less than 80k so I bet tickets will be harder than you think to get. 


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National Championship tickets come with Sugar Bowl tickets or can be tied to them on certain packages. I may be completely wrong but I think getting tix for the Sugar Bowl won't be hard - it wasn't when Georgia played Hawaii....


i mean, lower bowl are on stubhub for $200 right now. it's not going to be a ticket armageddon


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Sugar Bowl tickets are available right now on eBay and Stub Hub.  Seems to be about $200 ticket for not very good seats. 

Even Ticketmaster has some as well. 


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Kinda ot, but interesting; on espn's bowl bound app,  the B1G title game's preview says stubhub has tickets available ranging from $15 to $17,648. Which would you choose?


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I can't believe there are tickets for $15.  That's even cheap for a Tuesday night baseball game.  If I lived in Indianapolis, I'd load up the kids and go for that price.  I wouldn't drive long distance, or pay face value, but for less than $20 per person, that's a fun family event. 


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Taylor Mcnamara tweeted he'll be taking his official visit to Cal, BUT that he wants to do an unofficial to UM next weekend. All hope is not lost...


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Fiesta Bowl:

$160 for Upper Deck

$195 Ring/LL Endzone

$240 LL Sideline

$260 Club



$125 Terrace

$145 Plaza

$155 Prem Terrace

$175 Mezz Endzone

$185 Club


Capital One - All $92



$165 Club


December 2nd, 2011 at 5:46 PM ^

Sorry if I misunderstood your post, but the prices I listed are concrete if you are a Victors Club Member. They are not stubhub prices.

FWIW I think student tickets will cost the lowest amount ($80 for Outback, $125 for Sugar, ect). 


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if a major group (20+) from 20 major universities could agree to buy in bulk seats ahead of decider and just sell en masse for face to the other groups as a swap system. could get premier tickets for face and avoid stubhub bs.



why has nobody noted THERE'S TICKETS AVAILABLE ON TICKETMASTER. it's not sold out but for the allotment. I know it's fun to sit with other fans but people are being a bit dire about this.