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Submitted by Gobgoblue on April 19th, 2013 at 1:17 AM

Shots have been fired and at least 1 officer has died.  There are 2 suspects.  One is caught, the other is still at large, but police are expanding the perimeter.  

The police and MSP are treating these suspects as the Boston marathon suspects.  They are armed with grenades, home-made bombs, and assault weapons.

Police scanner if you wish: http://t.co/I1stA1IjKG

This guy is live-tweeting it: https://twitter.com/alertnewengland

What the hell is up with humanity.  Godspeed all involved and prayers/thoughts with the officer who was killed.  

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Can someone knowledgeable on the subject elaborate a bit on Chechen-American relations? I would have thought there'd be some enemy of my enemy sentiment on the part of Chechnya, but so much for that. 


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From what I just read, police officials are now searching for a green Honda Civic. It is a possibility that the suspect has gotten past the police ring.

EDIT: The search for the Civic is cancelled. It is still believed they have the area surrounded where he is believed to be.


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Sooo, sounds like he got away? Yikes.

Police in Massachusetts and Connecticut are hunting for a green Honda...The car was described as a green Honda Civic with Massachusetts plate number 116 GC7. It was not known who owned the car, but the police bulletin could mean authorities fear remaining suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, whose brother and fellow bombing suspect was killed early Friday, could have slipped out of the tight perimeter formed by police and FBI agents in the Watertown section of Boston.

For you guys in the area, stay safe.


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I should also point out that it sounds like there are several suspects at this point. One was killed earlier, another was taken into custody about an hour ago, there's the one that they are looking for, and there's another that was just reported wearing tactical gear. This is likely a sleeper cell and "suspect" does not necessarily mean the guy they have been chasing, but anyone associated with them as well. That means these car searches might be cars registered to people they believe to be members of the cell.

EDIT: The fourth guy that I mentioned ended up being an FBI agent.

The Denarding

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I'm a physician living in Boston and was part of the first response team on Monday.  There were limbs everywhere, we literally couldn't put in enough IV's and there was nothing put smoke and haze everywhere.  It was twenty minutes but it seemed like two hours and when the police cleared us because another bomb was found, was the only time I could truly process.   It was horrific.  I haven't slept well the last few nights and frankly I'm not sure why something like this would even happen.   I keep thinking of the eight year old boy who only wanted to be there for his dad as he crossed the finish line.  

Today the hospital was on lockdown as gunshots were being fired outside, and helicopters were flying around.  We could see them from the cafeteria while eating breakfast.  A variety of my fellow attendings and a few residents decided just to stay at home rather than take the risk.  This entire time has been surreal and I'm not sure when it's going to end.



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Local news WBZ 4 is reporting that suspect #2 is surrounded in Watertown hiding in a boat in the backyard of 67 Franklin St. Thermo imaging cameras found him.

Dble B 27

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There was a press conference by authorities where they said that they were lifting the "stay inside" order and that public transit was reopening. A few minutes after ending the press conference, gun shots were heard down the street which brought along these developments.


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The police just riddled the boat with hundreds of rounds...live on MSNBC...that kid is a goner.

edit...now they are saying the tape was earlier and now the perp is "sitting up"... he should just surrender or put a bullet in his own head, unless he is strapped with a bomb.


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The police scanner I'm listening to just had the following dialogue

"Also we've got a problem. Your feed is being broadcast on the internet"