A Boston Journalist Rips Tom Brady (Yes, OUR Tom Brady)

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This guy obviously doesn't realize that Tom Brady is Tom Brady.   Maybe he's a Jets fan or a Sparty-at-heart.    But seriously, this may be one of the first negative articles I've ever seen about Brady, and, from a Boston journalist none-the-less.

Also, a bonus Zoltan reference   






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As someone who grew up and still lives in the Boston area, Tony Massarotti has never been taken seriously. I read the article posted for laughs more than anything. 

If you're actually interested in what he has to say, he's going on the radio with Mike Felger in an hour and a half. Here's the link to the radio stream, I believe you can listen to it anywhere in the US (click the listen live link):


I don't expect you all to be that interested in the Patriots problems though, since most of you are Lions fans.


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I don't think that's fair. I guess most of the people I know don't like Mazz which is similar to Drew Sharp. However, I don't think the hate is as malicious. It's more people find him annoying with his squeaky high voice. He does love Boston sports though. He grew up here, he went to school here, he has written here his entire career. He's a journalist and sometimes he has to be critical.

EDIT: Keep in mind, us fans hate as much as the journalists so...yeah.


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This guy doesn't even know what he's talking about. The OC started blowing up at Brady first and then kept coming back. Brady was being the mature one and players were holding the OC back. And then Brady apologized for the whole encounter even though he never got up and just stayed on the bench


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after the altercation transpired. Massarotti obviously is still not over it. Relax dude.

In your own article you state:

                           "In professional sports, arguments happen all the time. The games are emotional, the competition can get intense . . . ".

You must not have been around sports enough if stuff like this gets you irked. That, or you are overly sensitive, in which case I would suggest changing careers because shit like this happens all the time. Why waste space and people's time writing such dribble with an over-the-top melodramatic headline?



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I saw the blowup, but didn't see the interception. I just looked up the video on youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq5vJ1a4jWM if anyone wants it) and that was the receiver's fault IMO. The receiver had the step on the defender. Brady puts it up and the receiver takes a step back and tries to catch it with his arms fully extended. That allowed the defender to make the break on it. If the receiver had taken a step forward, he catches it or it gets knocked away. Read Brady's lips. Even he is telling him "you have to go get it" before the OC comes over and blows up on him. The ball placement could have been better, but had the receiver done what Brady wanted him to do, there was very little of a chance that it turns into an interception.

I stopped reading after the guy said everything about the throw was putrid and then watched the video. The guy doesn't know what he's talking about.


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did Brady chew out his receiver over a bad pass HE made or not? Did O'Brien valiantly come to the guy's defense or not? 

Is Brady getting a little bit too full of himself? Is he one of the most disliked players by other players?

These are all issues that can, more or less, be established within a reasonable certitude.

It's the internet, but I'm always a little embarrassed for my fellow mgoblogers when the knee jerks before the brain has a chance to intervene. 


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Brady has been putting up a ton of points with the worst defense in the NFL on the other platoon.  Its got to be frustrating for him to have to shoulder that weight and have his reciever give less that 100% on the play (content to have the ball come to him).  Also, I would hardly call that chewing out.  It looked more like Brady was pleading to me. "You have to go get it."   

This guy from the Globe is just straight up hating.  In the words of Roger Murdock, "LISTEN KID! I've been hearing that crap ever since I was at UCLA. I'm out there busting my buns every night. Tell your old man to drag Walton and Lanier up and down the court for 48 minutes."


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I posted it because it's about Brady (a UM alum... he played for Michigan and is adored by our fanbase) and also because someone actually wrote a negative story about Tom Brady (He wins Super Bowls and dates models and America loves him).  The negative press is unique in-and-of itself (independent of its accuracy or justification)

So, no, I'm not posting this to decipher "established issues within a reasonable certitude."  I posted it for post-Ohio-pre-bowl-games discussion and entertainment purposes.  Which it appears almost everyone appreciated it for what it was....

I also don't have an hour to spend to do background research on whether this jackass  journalist is right, because, his "Sports Shock-Jock Journalism" style already let's me know he's not.  It's obvious he's writing this to be a nay-sayer in his home market (but that's just my opinion)


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you don't care if the journalist was right. Cool, bro. Will re-commence gossiping and jaw-boning along with everyone else, then.

Speaking of which, I am all in for the BradyPats killing Denver this weekend; who's with me on that? If you're not, you may want to check whether you're still a Michigan man (etc.).


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All I can say about the sports press corps here in Boston is that Drew Sharp and Michael Rosenberg would probably do really well here.  It's like Mecca for haters.  


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........bad pass. It certainly wasn't a great throw, but a few more inches over to the right and his receiver is the only one who could make a play on the ball.It's a matter of inches, not a direct throw to the defender. IMO, the defender made a great play to get the interception. Now, while Brady probably wishes he had that pass to do over again, I don't think that he believes he threw to the wrong guy. His guy had a step on the defender. As I said, a few more inches to the right and he's celebrating a touchdown. A few more inches on a pass thrown 20+ yards. Just how accurate does that OC expect the QB to be?


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Isn't this O'briends first year as OC? You need to build a good relationship with your qb if you every want to accomplish anything, especially if he's the best in the league....


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How do?

I know you need a certain amount of MGoPoints, but what is the criteria? I'd like to contribute from time to time, rather than just post on other's threads.


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He states if the Pats win their three remaining games to get at top 2 seed (first round bye). Wow! Without Brady this would be a barely playoff team, and the writer has the nerve to go after him. If I want a hatchetmen, this guy will be getting a call.

Love how he castigates Brady, mentions that arguements are all part of the game...and then conviently ignores Brady's press conference where he took blame for it all. Selective hearing much?


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Probably more likely just out of the running for Andrew Luck. That team is awful, and hasn't had a great draft in years. It's Brady, with a decent line to protect him, and some receivers who would be good not great without Brady throwing to them.  The second best player on the Pats is probably a Tight End. Quick! Who's their running back this week?

And that defense is abysmal. How they could spend so many draft picks on offensive guys when they needed so much help on defense (particularly since they stockpile so many picks...always for next year) was mind boggling. Did they forget how they won 3 Super Bowls?

True Blue Grit

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This Boston writer comes off as a dumb-ass when you read this story.  Yes it was a poor pass play that could have been disastrous.  It wasn't.  The Patriots win anyway.  And besides, the OC got in his face at the wrong time - when he was already pissed for throwing a pick.  It was just a blow up that probably happens on the practice field in general a lot, yet no one ever sees it.  So frickin what? 

Brady is a great QB playing on a team of bargain-basement offensive players.  And still his numbers are fantastic.  If Boston writers want to complain about something with the Patriots, there's tons of other things they could bitch about. 


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Every week I watch Brady play, he always is the hardest on himself and becomes frustrated whenever he makes a mistake. After seeing the coach arguing with Tom on the sidelines, the first thought that came to me was what was this coach thinking. It is one thing if Brady is a new quarterback, but he is a proven great quarterback who knows when he makes a mistake.