Borges: Thomas Rawls likely to be "the guy"

Submitted by MilkSteak on August 8th, 2012 at 2:28 PM has Al Borges saying that Rawls is the starter if Fitz misses games. It might not be groundbreaking news but it's unusual that a coach is this candid about players, especially at this point in the season.


"We're just going to the next guy -- we're not really changing anything," Borges said during a news conference at Schembechler Hall. "Thomas Rawls is going to be that next guy. Vince is going to do what he's done, and on we go."



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You really didn't ask a question, you made an assumption and then made the typical troll comment "looks like (blank) is gonna have a long day!).

A non trolly comment would have sounded like, "who is the back up and how do you think he'll do? Does this mean more carries for Denard?"

This isn't the South, we have rules.


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As Michigan fans, we are stodgy, boring prudes who complain about the kids on our lawns and the occasional loud cheering from our stadium seatmates. We take no enjoyment from life.

Also, many of us read this blog from workplaces that frown on a certain level of boobishness.


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really? We have to go through this again? He likes bama but isn't a fan of saban, thinks they will have their hands full with Denard, thinks Rawls will give them trouble as a power back, just wants to fit in and befriend a "rival" fanbase. I think we've seen this movie play out... HE'S A PHONY!!!!


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Rules are rules.

Also, you're picking up a bit more hostility than the average newcomer to the blog because we had someone posing as an Alabama fan (going by the name of RollDamnTide) who was really just another commenter's a long story.

Nevertheless, you're getting negged for something that you didn't do, which isn't especially fair. Play by the rules, though, and you'll find it's a great place to talk football.

Welcome. I sincerely hope you're not another reincarnation of RDT.

Kermits Blue Key

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Internet browsing is allowed at most jobs so long as it is not offensive and/or excessive.  Your avatar falls under the former.  No one is really expecting me to look at spreadsheets for 9 straight hours without going mental.  You would know this if you actually had a job.


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Like BiSB said, you had to be there, but I'll give thoe short and sweet. Like 7 months ago or so, some guy named RollDamnTide started posting. He said he was an Alabama fan, just here to comment, and that he had some recruiting ties. He predicted several 50/50 recruits to Michigan, had a couple hissy fits when people called him for being wrong on almost all of them, and earned adoration from a bunch of people. Eventually in one thread, he accidentally outed himself as another user on the site, the thread is in the MBoardHoF.

So since you show up, with the name RollTide, claiming to be "just an Alabama fan", people aren't going to believe you and think you're just trolling