Boren not invited to NFL Combine!

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At least not yet. Possibility for later additions, and of course not going to the combine does not formally rule out draft prospects.…

I agree with the 11W guys; that's just plain weird, for a long-time Big Ten starter, with no serious injuries, and a history of floating around on every All-Big-Ten list for the last two years. To not even be invited...

Maybe there's some question about his family values.



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Every time I watched OSU this year I tried to key on Boren to see how he did. He's certainly servicable, but I was never blown away by him. He also doesn't seem to have developed much physically -- except to get fatter. Who knows, maybe he'll find his way onto an NFL roster. I'm just glad that chapter in Michigan football history is now closed.

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I effing hate the guy, but he was more than a Big Ten starter. He was a 2nd team AP All-American I believe. Unless the combine all of a sudden became much more exclusive, this is fairly shocking.


Karma's a bitch, I guess.


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(At this time) inplying that an invite might come later.

on a side note:  not worth starting another new thread over.

The eight:

  • Brandon Saine
  • Ross Homan
  • Brian Rolle
  • Dane Sanzenbacher
  • Devon Torrence
  • Chimdi Chekwa
  • Cam Heyward
  • Jermale Hines

Those not invited (at this time at least) include: Justin Boren, Bryant Browning and Dexter Larimore.  Late additions can be added -- Browning, in particular, has played well in Shrine Game practices -- but Boren not getting an invite is surprising.

The fact that eight were at least invited vs maybe one or two Michigan Players invited is more commentary on why our past three seasons were down than anything written.  It is the final stamp on the cupboard is bare theory. 

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Mallett - transferred to Arkansas the moment that he knew that Scott Loeffler was leaving Michigan, and Mitch Mustain was leaving Arkansas.  Transferred in spite of the urging of Lloyd Carr and Rich Rodriguez.

Boren - was yanked out of Michigan by his parents, within about a day of the miling of offer letters that didn't include Zach Boren.

Clemons - left Michigan to transfer to Colorado, thanking Michigan for the experience here.  By his own account, Clemons wanted more playing time and the chance to play in a pro set offense.

Who's left in the "legion"?  Johnny Sears?  Kurt Wermers?