Boren not invited to NFL Combine!

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At least not yet. Possibility for later additions, and of course not going to the combine does not formally rule out draft prospects.…

I agree with the 11W guys; that's just plain weird, for a long-time Big Ten starter, with no serious injuries, and a history of floating around on every All-Big-Ten list for the last two years. To not even be invited...

Maybe there's some question about his family values.



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season. It is easy to understand their general reticence, especially the southern teams. This is hard to explain to the fans. I did hear from a really reliable source that cannot be named, but trust me, he is an insider who really knows what is going on, that a front office staffer in Pittsburgh asked Woodley what he thought, Woodley being a former Big 10 player and all. My source was unsure what happened, but he heard something about witness protection.


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Not surprising... don't know if the combine tracks measurables like complaining about having to win your starting job and refusing to work out

Jon Benke

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Who'll just show up, not enjoy the work, than bolt ... blaming the NFL's lack of family values as the reason for his leaving the combine, not the actual work he had to endure while being there.


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Can push some snow though. I wonder if he has ever plowed half of walmarts parking lot Then halfway throught quit and plowed half of kmarts parking lot


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I am actually kind of glad this tub of goo didn't get invited for another free meal. Now he and hims Daddy and yittle brodder can ride off into the sunset once and for all and watch this MICHIGAN program come back to life. He was the start of the fall of this era of football at U  of M . So go do what you do best Justin, Be a nut! A frickin Buckeye nut! What a crapy mascot, A chestnut? But leave it to the tards at the school south of us to pick out the ever dangerous nut for school mascot. Probably couldn't spell cat or dog even if you spotted them the C and A _. 

GO BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go recruit your big old butt off Brady and get some defensive studs in here to help next year!


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Tough luck Judas ya mealymouthed liar. Make a deal keep the deal, now your family don't mean shit to us. Boren went from alumni to a four letter word. Weird how in this case it was the sins of the son that screwed the father. Break a leg,no really break a leg.


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...but you gotta think that if you were an NFL scout, you'd want to know if a guy you're interested in drafting has the mental toughness to stick it out.  Boren cried himself all the way to Columbus after seeking out the media and complaining loudly to it.  And then he outed himself by mocking Rich Rodriguez by dressing up as him at a Halloween party, proving it had nothing to do with his so-called family values.

Is this the guy you want to have on your team, or does he seem like a cancer in the making when things go south?


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doesn't make any sense, but this isn't going to change anything.  boren is either the first or second interior lineman off the board, either low 1st round or high 2nd


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I envision Boren's life devolving into a quiet, meaningless existence, much like what had become of Michael Madsen's character Budd in "Kill Bill"....

The comparison breaks down a little due to the fact that Budd was at one time a bad-ass assassin and Boren is just a dick.


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I guess I wouldn't read that much into it.  It is weird, but Boren is a good OL and despite being a douche he will be drafted.  He'll probably never make it in the NFL, but so be it.  

I am not going to be a jerk, but this probably doesn't need to be on the board.  

Section 1

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You're the guy who keeps running down Coach Rodriguez.

Now I won't take ownership of much of the trashtalk in this thread, but since our local sports media never made a serious attempt at covering the real Boren story, apart from republishing the Boren Family press release, and negligently letting the "family values" meme rattle around in the media for a couple of years at tremendous cost to the reputation of Michigan and Coach Rodriguez, I don't mind if I do remind everybody of what the true "family values" story was.

King Douche Ornery

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Know NOTHING of what really happened. None of us do. We just point our fingers at a kid who committed under duress, then left when the coach who recruited him retired, and did not like how things were going under the new regime, and call him a bunch of immature names--all the while accusing HIM of being subhuman.

I think the track record of posts here and on other Michigan boards speaks for itself: We are no better than Boren, and probably a lot worse because at least he WAS inside, had a good view of what was happening, had family support, and ended up going where he wanted to in the first place.

But again, us message board guys, so classy, so above it all--lambast this KID and his FAMILY simply because we are a bunch of wannabes who think we know anything of what these kids and their families go through.

Go ahead, pile on--you and everyone else who calls this kid and his family a bunch of names really sound cool.

Next year he will be collecting a paycheck while pursuing his dream, and 99.999% of the guys here who ridicule him will be hiding in their cubicles, hoping their bosses don't catch them sleeping and just waiting out their 35 year career as a junior assistant clerk in some nondescript dead end company job.

Section 1

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when you go off your meds.

The "family support" that Justin was getting at Pickerington North led Justin to think that "somebody might call the cops," given the way that his dad was screaming at him at halftimes of his games there.  That's a quote.  From Justin.

I've got to tell you, because you seem like a smart young feller that just doesn't know a whole lot; I've actually been a defender of Justin Boren to at least some extent.  When others called him lazy, I said there's no evidence of that.  I denied the existence of any evidence that Boren didn't want to run, and couldn't put up with fast Rodriguez practices, etc.

I always thought Boren was, and is, a very good guard.  Who was oddly homesick whenever he was out of Columbus.

At the same time, nobody but the Borens are to blame for the media wars over Justin's transfer.  They started it, with the "family values" press realease.  That idiocy dogged Coach Rodriguez for as long as he was here.  In all actuality, the Borens never got enough criticism and scrutiny for what they did.  It was a classic example of the Borens acting badly.  The entire non-recrutiment, then the sudden offer letter, from OSU to little brother Zach, was as clear an illustration as anyone could hope for, of what Mike Boren was getting at when he helped draft the "family values" press release and then later said in a fury that he would not have his two sons playing at two different universities.  Mike Boren is psycho-dad.

But again, the Borens' p.r. victim was Rodriguez.  And to his enduring credit, Rich Rodriguez refused to talk about players who weren't Michigan players.  He took the criticism and stayed quiet, even when people invented bizarre stories about what was the supposed "erosion of family values at Michigan."  When in fact the Borens are quite likely some of the nastiest and most foul-mouthed people in East Columbus.

King Douche Ornery

January 22nd, 2011 at 12:06 AM ^

You just toss out innuendo as if you are some kind of authority on the subject.

I'll take the fact that Rodriguez sucked ass during his tuenure here and is gone as proof that Boren was more right than you.

Again--you nor I know what happened. But unlike most, if not just about all, the posters here--I think there is more need to move on and let this go than keep rehashing it and calling the kid a "douche" just to add to our sissy point total.

This fan base goes on and on about "class" and acting as if it is one slam dunk mother fucking bunch of cool Michigan graduates--then proceeds to prove otherwise with threads like this.

The Denarding

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It is ironic that others are as entitled to their opinion (and not letting go) as you are of apparently taking the higher road and letting go.  The entire Mgoblog community is very proud of you for being the bigger person.  I don't think anyone portends to have more or less class than anyone unless on this blog (after all we do post cat pictures with inane sayings all the time - though why lie, it's funny almost every time).  

I think this is a forum for both points to be heard.  What it is not a forum for (if the point you are making is to not be name callers) is to call others names or delineate them as uneducated people who work dead end jobs because they fail to have the same opinion as you.  

I don't think Justin Boren deserves the sympathy you have bestowed upon him.  Any person who leaves the university, spits out his jaundiced and one sided opinion on his way out the door and then has the audacity to dress up like his former coach and have someone else dress up as his former coaches wife in a mocking fashion is not someone I will ever respect (even if I hated Rich Rodriguez which I don't).

I think we as a fan base should move on as you say, but I understand why people will revel in his pain and sorrow.  There is more fact than innuendo to state that he is a douche.  And I for one am happy to defend the right of Mgobloggers to say so.  

The Denarding

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I think unless he puts the dedication into being a better player and in better condition he will be a middling pro at best.  He will however be invited to the combine and I expect him to be drafted third or fourth round.  Would I be surprised if he had a successful career?  Not really, but I suspect he is more likely to be an average player who hangs around the league as a back up and lot longer than he should