boo hiss - Kovacs not winner of walkon award

Submitted by superstringer on December 3rd, 2012 at 4:43 PM

Prolly no surprised cuz (a) a QB > SS, and (b) PSU players are getting love for still being PSU players.  But McGloin wins former-walkon-of-the-year award:

Unrelated yet oddly related question -- does either McGloin or Kovacs get invited to NFL camps?  Either one make a team?  I have no idea how Kovacs stacks up for the NFL.  Dood has the heart of a beast, man; but size and speed, all those stupid metrics they do, I have no idea how he charts out.



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There's a super small, though non-zero, chance that Kovacs is at least invited to a camp. There's a 0 chance that McGloin is invited to a camp, he's beyond terrible.


Edit: I should clarify, McGloin's arm strength is even worse than Chad Pennington's post 6 arm surgeries.

Perkis-Size Me

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kovacs will get invited to camps, but i'd be shocked if he gets drafted. he has all the heart and mental toughness you could ever want in a football player, but i don't know if he has the strength or the speed to physically compete. i want him to prove me wrong, though.


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I would say not all hope is lost for Kovacs. If Cody Grimm can start at safety for the Bucs then Kovacs can make a special teams squad at least. And as for the rabblerabble measurables people film is 90% of the evaluation process in the NFL.


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I feel like given a chance, Kovacs could be in the upper echelon of football "brains" of NFL players in pretty short order. He's got a great nose for the ball and is great with angles, and will always be in the right spot. Bad part is, once he gets to the right spot, he'll bounce off NFL quality RB's like a pinball.

I could be wrong, but those pro guys are big. And mean.

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December 3rd, 2012 at 7:21 PM ^

Kovacs really isn't all that tiny, but he is slow by NFL standards.  He is able to mask that in college by using great pursuit angles and play recognition skills, but that won't be nearly as effective in the NFL.  I don't know why he couldn't do well on special teams though, hopefully at least one NFL team feels the same way. 

McGloin won't get a shot even if O'Brien gets a head coaching job for a team desperately in need for a QB.

NOLA Wolverine

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Eric Smith, a walkon strong safety at Michigan State, managed to get drafted in the 3rd round by the Jets earlier last decade. I don't have a ton of film on him, and there's obviously a big time gap between them, but they seemed to play similair roles and have simlair impacts (outside of the whole them being white thing). I don't think it's THAT bleak for him. 


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He'llget a chance and probably stick around on special teams, as others have noted. I could see him be a viable option in certain packages as a run supporter, but NFL teams can't usually keep guys on the roster for specific packages if they don't have a special skill like sacks.


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I wish him well in whatever he does and maybe he can be a special teams player but won't be an NFL safety. He's just too much a liability in coverage. You can protect liabilities in college, in the pros weaknesses are worked over quickly.
It was a fun ride though.