Bo...Mike Vick fan?

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So I was having a conversation with a co-worker today and Michigan football came up. He proceeds to tell me this story where he got a chance to spend some QT with Bo.  Apparently he went in to test drive a car and Bo was at the dealership dropping off his car to be serviced. He could not remember exactly how it happened but he ended up driving Bo home during his test drive. During the ride Bo told my co-worker how he was "dissapointed" that Michigan had not gone after Mike Vick while he was in high school.

Although Bo never got a chance to see Denard play, I can't help but think he is smiling somewhere watching # 16's career unfold.

(I apologize if this is uninteresting, I am still trying to gauge what the board wants)



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FWIW there was an excellent thread this morning answering the question you pose at the end of your post.  You should probably take a couple of minutes and read it.

But I'll go way out on a limb and guess that posting this thread will probably give you a real good idea doesn't want fairly quickly.


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All of Bo's QBs could run.  Some of them were pass-first guys, but they always had the ability to run if needed.  The truly statuesque QBs didn't arrive here until after he retired.


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Grbac came in the ND game (Rocket game) and played pretty well in defeat, so he was there to not run the wishbone I hope, while Collins was at least being targeted while Bo was still coaching.

I think Bo understood the changes going on in college, especially with the way Dierdorf sold him out on MNF while he was recruiting Rick Mirer.  I don't know if Moeller had more of an influence on the change in the direction of the offense, but option football took an 18 year hiatus once Moeller took over.


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i like little nuggets of information like this. obviously you cant take every post like this for more than face value but it's cool.   good post


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There is some quote floating around there, my Google fu is weak, but the basic content was Bo said he liked RR's offense.  This was of course back when RR was still at WVU and Bo was just being asked about other programs by some journalist.  Bo definitely was willing to run the option, he seemed to like it, so it stands to reason he'd like that style of play.  

It's alway fun to listen to the blue hairs talk about a proper offense as if the DeBoring style of play was the gold standard.  Yost was an option and trick play kind of guy.  Bo definitely ran a lot of option ball.

Blue boy johnson

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Well Bo did say he treated all his players the same, "like dogs", which is something Mike Vick could definitely relate to. I don't know if Bo could get away with such talk today without rousing the ire of PETA