Bollman hired as MSU OC

Submitted by Phil Brickma on February 27th, 2013 at 9:14 AM

@footballscoop: Sources tell us Jim Bollman is expected to accept the Michigan State OC job


So. There's that.

For those of you who don't know, Bollman was Tressel's OC from 2001-11.



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Bollman is one of those coaches who looks mediocre with a personnel advantage, and really, really bad without one.  Sparty is going 6-6 this year.


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I'm shaking in my boots. Nick Hill will dominate in this offense.  Maxwell/Cook (whoever wins the competition this fall) will be unleashed to throw even flatter routes to the sideline than this season. 


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I can imagine the job interview now:

Dantonio: Do you hate Michigan?

Bollman: Yes.

Dantonio: I mean really hate Michigan?

Bollman: I think so.

Dantonio: Could you just say yes so we can get this over with old buddy?

Bollman: Yes.

Dantonio: Great! Grins and rubs hands with evil chuckle.

Bollman: Yes.

Dantonio: You can stop saying yes now.

Bollman: Yes.


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I am feeling a bit sad for Purdue in this instance.  Not because they've lost a valuable coach - they haven't.  But because the long line of mustachioed Boilermakers coaches takes a severe hit. 

Tiller and Hope


Bollman would have fit in perfectly....

 Jim Bollman



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Coming Soon to a theater near you: "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Part II,  featuing:

Joe Tiller as Button's golden years (bald, fluffy stasche)

Jim Bollman as Button's later career years (starting to bald, stasche not quite as fluffy)

Danny Hope as Button's early career years (not bald, but stasche in full effect although well groomed)

Mmmm Hmmm

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Perfect for Sparty: an OC who is an embarrassment 92.5% of the schedule (including against MSU) but who called his game of the year--complete with the innovative "downfield passing" offense--against Michigan. Commence the offense having their best game against Michigan followed by consecutive goose eggs against Illinois and protected rival Indiana.


February 27th, 2013 at 5:20 PM ^

 Trolling OSU fans have set the tone for Bollman's reception.  I find it amazing that Spartan fans seem to buying into this view without even pausing to consider the these OSU fans might be less than objective or perhaps ill-informed.