Bolden may be out this week against UM

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Joe Schad tweeted that Robert Bolden may be out this week due to a concussion... reported by the Altoona Mirror originally.


True Blue in CO

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In reading about McGloin on some of the PSU Blogs last night, he has more support from the fans than Bolden.  This could be scary.  Hopefully we can shut down the run, force him to pass early and often, and Vinopal gets his second and third picks of the season.  Here's to getting back to our winning ways against Penn State.


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That's hardly reassuring... Scout listed Kirk Cousins as a 4.85, and he killed us with his running in 2009.

I'm more concerned about his ability—or lack thereof, hopefully—to read a defense and get the ball to the open receiver, of which there are always plentiful numbers when Michigan is on defense.


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I hate seeing kids go down with concussions because I had 3 in 1.5yr period none were very serious but I know how brutal they can be. But in a season like this Ill take McGloin or Newsome back there as of right now...


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For what it's worth, Cory Giger has a column in that Altoona Mirror paper  where he is pretty pessimistic about PSU's chances Saturday:

It's more likely, though, that Denard Robinson and the Michigan offense will shred PSU's defense, meaning the only way the Lions can win would be if it's a shootout. Michigan's lousy defense makes that possible.

If Rob Bolden can't play as he recovers from a possible concussion, there's little reason to believe the Lions can go toe-to-toe with Michigan's offense.

Prediction: Michigan 31, Penn State 23


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typically begs for mad pressure and I fully expect Gerg to debut a 2-man rush and corners playing 25-30 yards from the LOS leading to the first ever incident of blogger on dc on-field violence.

We might as well start collecting money for Brian's bail and court fees.


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Some updates, but to sum it up, nothing is conclusive yet.  Guess we'll wait to see if he practices this week and they have a ZOMG meltdown at BSD's.…

Penn State quarterbacks coach Jay Paterno says Robert Bolden could play next week against Michigan.

"He looks pretty good to me, so we'll see," Paterno said after the game. "Pretty coherent, so it's up to the doctors."

Though the ESPN article debates the conflicting info coming from Joe and Jay.  Perhaps the person experiencing memory loss is not just Bolden.…

Joe Paterno said Bolden had a hard time remembering some things after returning to the sideline. Jay Paterno, the team's quarterbacks coach, felt Bolden responded well to him and has "a good shot" of playing next week against Michigan, although more will be known in the coming days.


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But I don't think "pretty coherent" should be the standard for a guy to return to the field after a concussion.

"Yeah, Tom, Robert was able to name 24 letters of the alphabet, he remembered the month and year of his birth, and he knew the names of 3 of his 4 siblings.  So he's pretty much good to go."

Steve in PA

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McGloin isn't all that bad.  He fits the PSU mold of immobile football cannon as a Qb.  I haven't seen enough to know about his arm strength.  There were a few local reporters speculating on him being the starter going into the season FWIW.  Obviously the Newsome experiment hasn't worked out for them.  

Wait, is that just hating since he was committed to M?  Nah, hating is how they talk about Shaw who had committed to PSU before he got snake oiled.  I think we made out better in that trade.

Goodbye... Columbus

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Seems like his absence will not hurt our chances, which I like, but I feel bad for Bolden.  He has done alright at stepping into a starting job that I did not think would fall to him, and I am sure the prospect of missing the Michigan night game while worrying about the health of his brain is a real bummer.


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And then one day I get this letter from Lieutenant Dan saying that Penn State's starting QB is out and our safeties don't have to worry about the deep pass no more....and I thought, that's less thing.


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The trainers, medical personnel, and coaches need to be sure he's really ready to play before they put him out there.

Or they could go all Brian Kelly and say, "Oh, your vision pretty much returned?  Okay, that means you're healthy.  Get your helmet... DAMNIT, will someone help Crist remember where put his helmet?"


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Didn't Newsome call Michigan "the godfather of college football" at some point while he was committed to us? 

There are so many apt Corleone metaphors, I can't even decide which one to use.