Bold Prediction/Opportunity for me to look stupid on Sunday. EDIT: Nevermind

Submitted by WanderingWolve on November 2nd, 2010 at 4:14 PM

I am of the camp that this year's defense is agonizingly similar to the 2008 version of the offense, where we are too young/inexperienced and the pieces don't fit right, at least not yet.

So, here's my prediction: Saturday's game will be our 2008 at Minnesota game.  That was the most complete game of the year and one of only 3 games where our offense out-gained our opponent (ND and Miami (NTM)) were the other two.  If you're a sadist (or want to see how far our offense has come) you can check this out for yourself here.

Other similarities--coming off a loss to an under-achieving team that was gut-wrenching for its own reasons (the week before MN, we lost to Purdue to officially become bowl ineligible) and we will be playing a team that is over-achieving pre-season expectations.

So, have we had our "Minnesota 2008" performance on defense yet?  If so, who?

Will I look stupid?


EDIT: With the news about JT Floyd I recant my prediction.



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This is probably the best post + avatar combination I've ever seen on the internet.

I can't stop giggling.  Strong work.


Edit:  When I first saw your post, you were the only one who had responded, so it appeared as though your avatar was actually looking up at the OP, making an observation and enjoying a drink.


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I hope so, but I don't know.  One thing people overlook is that we actually got better on offense as the 2008 season progressed, particularly on the ground.  In September, most running plays went for no gain or worse.  In November, we were picking up decent yardage, and our YPC for the season ended up almost identical to what it was in 2007, when we had an NFL #1 pick clearing the way for our all-time leading rusher.  Threet's continual injuries (leading to a heavier dose of Sheridan than was healthy) obscured this. 

I'm not seeing the same gradual progress on D.  Up through the MSU game I thought J.T. Floyd was progressing, but then he's turned in two awful games.  Maybe Demens can have a big day.  Maybe Mouton can keep "Bad Jonas" on the sideline.  We'll see.

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Close but no cigar.

Minnesota in 2008 (Week #9 before M game): #87 Scoring Offense, #105 Scoring Defense

Illini 2010: #63 Scoring Offense, #12 Scoring Defense

Illini 2010: Only losses to Missouri, osu, MSU -- those teams have a combined 3 losses between them.