Boise State should be the 12th team in the Big Ten

Submitted by The Impaler on October 7th, 2009 at 2:09 PM

I think Boise State would be a fun team to have in the Big Ten. Even though its across the country, current Big Ten teams would only have to travel there once every other year or every 4 years. This is similar to what the hockey team has to do with Alaska-Fairbanks. It would also give a spark to the conference that needs to gain respect in the National spotlight. This would also give us the twelve team conference that Big 12 and SEC have. A one-loss team could legitimately make it to the National title now with a conference championship game. You could split the conference east (Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana, Purdue, Ohio State, and Penn State) and west (Illinois, Northwestern, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Boise State). The obvious issues are distance (although Minnesota --> Penn State 973 mi. vs. Boise --> Minnesota to Boise 1466 mi). The problem in distance is more for the fans than anything else (that flight would only be 2-3 hours). Another problem is that Boise St. is still in the WAC, and not independent like Notre Dame (another likely candidate). What do you guys think about this?



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Bad idea. Geography sucks. Academics aren't up to par.

there is only one team worth screwing up the rivalries of the conference, and that is ND.

Can we please stop this "Why don't we add [INSERT SCHOOL] to the Big Ten?" crap.

The Impaler

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Cincinnati is a great idea, I totally forgot about them, except the Big East would need another team, maybe UMass or UNH, they have done well in FCS. It was only a decade ago when UConn made the switch.

Tim Waymen

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I completely disagree with the idea of bringing Boise St into the Big 10 (not a good school at all and just doesn't make any sense whatsoever), but UNH and UMass to the Big East is actually a pretty interesting idea. They are two large state schools with historically successful FCS football programs in the Big East's region, and they've even beaten a few FBS teams over the years (at least UNH has). I doubt it would happen though.

It would bring down the A10 or Patriot League or whatever conferences those schools are currently in. It might take a little while to get the schools up to speed as far as recruiting and resources go. The stadiums are possibly too small, but may be larger than some other FBS stadiums. Locations kind of suck anyway. The interest also might not be there, but I'm not sure. I think UNH has some diehard fans (I'm sure every place does, but it might be especially so at UNH. Finally, would bringing FCS teams straight into a BCS conference piss off some non-BCS FBS schools, especially those hoping to get into the Big East? And then there's the basketball issue. I imagine it's even yet more complicated than how I described.

Here is a discussion about UMass to the Big East


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Academic rankings of the candidates (U.S. News and World Report):

Notre Dame: 18
Syracuse: 53
Pitt: 58
Rutgers: 64
Miami of Ohio: 66
Iowa State: 89
Mizzou: 96
Cinci: "Tier 3" (> 130)

Sparty currently brings up the rear of the Big 10 at 71. I see no point in bringing in anything below that.

double blue

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agree that academics matter and like the above list although for sme reason i get the willies thinking of rutgers so i would take them off.

although geographically undersirable i would love to add texas-
academically it fits and for football, basketball, baseball, and swimming it would be awesome. i could easily see great rivalries between us and texas as well as osu and texas.
i would be curious to whether it would hurt or help our recruiting in the state if we played them as a rival.


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Uh, I'd like to see (Pick one!) USC, or Cal, or UCLA, or Stanford, or Vanderbilt, or Florida, or Georgia, or Georgia Tech, or North Carolina be added to the Big Ten.

Seriously speaking, you're got to be batshit insane to think that Texas would leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten. There is absolutely no reason why they would want that to happen.

I predict we get an actual ninja to play in the slot position before any school official even mentions this possibility.


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The reason that Texas keeps getting brought up (I think) is because Brian had a post about it waaaay back in 2007. Link (to the old site!) is here:

He even has them ranked ahead of Notre Dame in his order of preferences, which is one thing I can not disagree with him about more. Don't shoot the messenger.

And yes, I have wasted an inordinate amount of time reading the works of Brian Cook. Huzzah!


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The Big12 isn't really that old in the history of college football/sports. Texas was part of the Southwestern Conference for quite long time. If the Big12 North schools finally get tired of the south dominating everything, I could see them potentially wanting to branch off. Of course with the way TV/media contracts are all tied together these days, that's a bit tougher than what it once was.


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If they add a 12th, I think the only option is ND. Since that is most likely not to happen, I think the Big Ten should begin to play every team, every year. I know that basically leaves us with only one non-conference game (besides ND), but it makes for a better and more equal conference champion. I know smaller schools will complain about less of a chance to make a bowl and so forth, but I think it would make the season much more fun. Each team would really only be losing one non-conference game since they all have to schedule the Delaware State's of the World, which is usually done last minute and in the middle of the schedule. Thoughts?


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Playing all of the BT teams and ND would give UM its current three rivalry games and eight more games against BT opponents. That would leave one OOC game, which I would really like to see against a directional Michigan team.

UM already plays enough compelling games with enough chances to lose. Why on earth would anyone want to see them play another team that could ruin their chances for the NC game under the current format?

Until the system changes and there is a playoff to determine a true champion, any team that already has enough schedule strength to get to the NC game would be stupid to schedule another game that they only have a fifty percent chance of winning. Playing Notre Dame OOC is the compelling matchup for which everyone clamors; in other words, it is already there. Michigan does NOT need to add another OOC game against a top ten team.


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Terrible idea. Outside of a burgeoning football program, it has little else to offer. From a geographic point of view, it's not in proxmity of any other Big 10 schools, nor does it really open up any markets for the Big 10. Although situated in Idaho, I'd say that Boise State has very little following in California, Oregon, or Washington (at least in metropolitan Seattle, I'd venture there might be a following towards Spokane on the east side of the state).

There have been various rumblings/pinings among the Pac-10 and its fans about expandng. Despite being close geographically, Boise State is not a viable option for even the Pac-10 because of substandard academics and the fact that its other athletic departments have little to offer. Boise State is only football. For these reasons alone, it's not a suitable candidate for the Pac-10, and even less of a suitable candidate for the Big 10.


October 7th, 2009 at 3:06 PM ^

BSU has almost zero following in Eastern Washington/Northern Idaho. That is strictly WSU and U of Idaho territory. The only area outside the southern half of Idaho with any BJC fans is Eastern Oregon.

Why BJC? Because that was the school's name until about 1970(!), when they converted from a juco to a four year school. Not to mention they've only been D1-A for 15 years, and their stadium seats 30,000 - not exactly Big Ten material. But hey, they have a great vocational program in diesel technology.


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IIRC Delaney shot down any talks of expansion. Seeing as how he has more say so in the B10 than we have I am tempted to let it go at that but since the subject has been brought up for like the 100th time I guess I will put in my $.02. Cincy could end up being nothing more than a flash in the pan team. Keep in mind that Brian Kelley is having the majority of his success due to Mark Dantonio's recruits. Give it 3 years and I may change the flash in the pan sentiments. ND is down right now but from a recruiting aspect ND would be the most logical choice. Everyone knows ND and either would like to play for them or play against them. Go to CA and see how many people would like to play against Cincy. Odds are you don't come up with many. Now go there and ask the same question about ND, lots of kids are going to say I hate them I would love to kick them in the teeth. Now can we please put this subject to bed.


October 7th, 2009 at 4:33 PM ^

His resume speaks for itself.
Everywhere he has been, he has won a lot and found NFL level QB talent. Even at DII Grand Valley State (where he won 2 national titles, and his recruits won 2 more after he left for central), he drew Cullen Finnerty ( away from Toledo to play for GVSU; he's now in the NFL. He recruited LeFevour at Central, who is a future NFL pick, and now he's turned Tony Pike into one of the scariest passers in the country. His recruiting ability should be of no concern to anyone. In fact, after LC announced he was retiring, I was screaming for Brian Kelly here at M (nothing against Rodriguez, I love the direction he's got us moving now)

In conclusion, you're entitled to your opinion, but you're wrong about Kelly. He's a damn good coach, and as long as he is there, Cincy will be a team to be reckoned with

Also, on topic with the OP, I would be ecstatic if Cincy joined the B10

Tha Stunna

October 7th, 2009 at 5:10 PM ^

Hm... the major problem with this is that Cincy without Brian Kelly isn't worth having, and Brian Kelly is unlikely to stick around. There was an interview on Rivals where Brian Kelly mentioned that the school hasn't held up on its agreement to upgrade the facilities, and he has ample reason to go to a better football tradition than Cincy.


October 7th, 2009 at 2:59 PM ^

The only viable options are Notre Dame, Pitt, and maybe Syracuse. There are three main criteria to consider when deciding whether to accept a team into a conference: Geography, across-the-board athletics, and academics. Boise State fails all three metrics, boasting a good football team and nothing worthwhile in any other sport.


October 7th, 2009 at 3:45 PM ^

If the fact that Syracuse scheduling three Big Ten teams this year was part of some sort of audition. I just thought it was strange that they were so Midwest focused.

I think Syracuse would be a great addition to the Big Ten.

To Hell with Notre Dame.


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"It would also give a spark to the conference that needs to gain respect in the National spotlight....."

Besides the numerous factors and reasons why Boise would be a poor decision to add to the Big Ten I feel that the so called spark would be a similar flash in the pan as others have eluded to in regards to Cincinnati. Yes over the past few years Boise has had some tremendous wins in games they should have lost. Be it the 07 Fiesta Bowl or maybe even this years Oregon game, but all in all they play in the WAC, and as much as there's growing support to see these non BCS conferences get into BCS games, I'm still a fan that wants to see a team prove themselves over the course of the year. Going 12-0 in the WAC or Mountain West isn't proof enough for me in comparison to 1 or 2 loss teams in the larger conferences. The only positive coming from Boise being added to the Big Ten would be in having another Indiana, Minnesota, and/or Northwestern to beat up on in years to come, which we all know doesn’t do much for our schedule or appetite for big time college rivalries.


October 7th, 2009 at 4:00 PM ^

I have no idea why we have to do anything like the SEC or Big 12. IMO, those split conferences with the extra championship game at the end of the season are what has mucked things up.

I'm satisfied with the way the Big Ten determines its conference champion. The only thing I would change is that every team in the B10 would play each other. And if we really must have that 3rd OOC game, Penn State could leave the conference and join the Big East, so that we are truly back to being the Big TEN, every team would have 3 OOC games and 9 B10 games.


October 7th, 2009 at 4:05 PM ^

They could never join a major conference, but I would love to see Michigan play a home-at-home with Boise State someday. I would have rather had Boise State next year than UConn.


October 7th, 2009 at 5:54 PM ^

There's no upside in playing Boise. They demanded more money than we wanted to pay them, which is how we ended up with UConn. If we beat them, then its business as usual BCS team beats MWC team. If they beat us they get a scalp to display forever.

Plus, we'd have to go to Boise and play in their small stadium with blue turf. It still hasn't been explained to me how they can get away with having blue turf and blue home uniforms as well.

With UConn we at least get a BCS conference (read: Non MAC) opponent that caters to the Boston/NY area with tons of alumni. If they can finagle their way into Gilette then the small stadium issue is solved as well.

The King of Belch

October 7th, 2009 at 8:44 PM ^

Every time to see how much MORE stupid they get.

First, we have an OP with all the command of the English language of your basic 8th grade dropout. He suggests something completely off the wall and as likely to happen as I am to get a blow job from Jennifer Anniston. It's not something that would ever even be considered by the Big Ten.

Next, we have the usual suggestions of Cincinnati and their 35,000 seat stadium (and I love the a rival for Ohio State bullshit--yeah, Tressel is trembling at the thought of Cincinnati on his schedule every year). And of course Syracus (does the state of New York even know about college football? Pitt, Rutgers, on and on--and just about every suggestion is as exciting as watching Barbara Bush eating a slice of lemon cake.

It still makes for great entertainment, and the reason i because almost every suggestion would make the Big Ten emminently more boring than it already is and gain absolutely ZERO national respect for this conference.