Boeheim: Notre Dame Sank the Big East

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In the same interview, Boeheim notes that, as exciting as the move will be, it wouldn’t have been necessary if Big East schools had voted for a new television contract months earlier. He points specifically to Notre Dame’s recent vote against a large Big East football contract as having a hand in the possible demise of the league. Notre Dame is a member of the Big East on the basketball side, but plays as an independent in football. “Now they’re crying about us leaving,” Boeheim tells Waters. “They shouldn’t have even voted on the football contract because they’re not even in it.” His comments supplemented those he gave to Syracuse station 1260 The Score (WSKO) earlier in the day. “If Notre Dame wanted to save the Big East,” Boeheim said, “they could have joined in 2004 and we wouldn’t be having these discussions today.”



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When you can't help but believe that you are special and thus deserve special treatment, it ends up being the case that no one can stand to be around you. Thus, it so for these schools. I hope to God we never let ND into the B1G, Michigan stood strong against it in the past as the loudest opponent of it and so shall we continue to do so.


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if ND was allowed to vote on the football contract were the other Big East schools who are not a part of the Big East in football allowed to vote on the contract too?


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Maybe that will inhibit ND joining the ACC?  If Boeheim thinks ND is a bad conference member, maybe it will be enough to keep ND to the ACC from happening. 

I just really want them to join the Big Ten so they become an average Big Ten team instead of them thinking they'd win any conference they were in.


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As much as part of me would love to see ND left on the outside looking at when all is said and done with the conference re-allignment, part of me too would love to see ND in the Big Ten.  It's been a while since they've gone 3-0 against UM, MSU and Purdue.  Add in games against other upper echelon big ten teams and they're looking at 3-5 losses a year probably.


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They are the ones who let Notre Dame use them to make all their other sports viable while maintaining independence in football.  They are the ones who let schools who don't play football vote on the football contract.  They are also the ones who were about to lose their BCS privileges anyway because of a failure to field a single top 25 team. 



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Yeah, I agree with that too.  But the reality for Syracuse is that they'll be the same in the ACC as they were in the Big East - completely irrelevant in football and a perrenial contender in basketball.  It won't be any different, they'll just have to travel more, and there will be fewer away team fans at their games.

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This ND thing does expose something in the Big East.  They obviously had non-football schools determining issues directly relevant to the football schools, regardless to the disportionate impact these decisions had on said schools.  Schools not playing big east football like Notre Dame, St John's, Seton Hall etc. having a say in the football TV contract is patently absurd, but apparently it happened. 

At least in the ACC, all schools, even Duke and Wake Forest, like Syracuse, have skin in the game.  They really are equals and are all affected by football TV contract decisions made.  And yeah, that is apparently a big difference versus what is going on in the Big East.

The Big East was bound to fail due the the very divergent interests (not to mention cost structure of football versus basketball) of the all-sports schools versus those not in Big East football.  In all of these re-alignment discussions, I have yet to see St John's, Marquette, Seton Hall, etc. mentioned with baited breath in anticipation of their arrival to a new conference.


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I completely agree that the Big East pointing fingers at ND is ridiculous. The Big East had a choice to make--do they want Notre Dame for everything but football or do they not.

I'm not trying to be a Big Ten homer here, but I think from the Big East's perspective there were three possibilities:

1) ND does not join a conference in any sports, or it joins another conference in everything but football.

2) ND joins the Big East in everything but football.

3) ND joins a conference in everything, including football, but that conference is the Big Ten

The Big East could either take ND without football, or not have ND at all, but to complain that you didn't get an unrealistic choice is obnoxious. The Big East was good in basketball and that's probably a big part of what made it an attractive possibility, but the thing that the Big East really brought to the table was the option to join in everything except football. If they don't bring that, they don't get ND.


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just get together and form their own conference.  Call it the Ego Conference and they can  play each other 12 times while the rest of the country doesn't give a crap about them.


These two have either destroyed or prevented college football from being even better with their greedy ways.

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I really don't give s shit about the big east...However,I really hope we still play ND every year..I don't know if you could have a game between two schools with more tradition ..For me anyway ....