Body found near missing Ohio State player's residence. [Update]

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Worst possible news for his friends and family. Body has not been identified. Condolences to the family if that is the missing player.



Update: Police confirm body found is Kosta Karageorge. Spokesman says appears to have died of self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Missing OSU player. This is so very sad RT @brdispatch: The gun was found in a dumpster with Karageorge.



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to report the recovery of bodies before identification.


This happens on Lake Michigan every year, person gets swept off a pier, car found in lot, reports of body recoverd days later,  "officials won't speculate on the identity" but wink, wink we're pretty sure its our person swept off the pier.


In fact in just happened a week ago with a missing woman from Kzoo who's car was found at a state park.  Her body was recovered from lake Michigan.


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They did say body has not been identified.
I'm sure they wouldn't be preparing the public for bad news if they found a female 5'5" weighing 110 lbs. Not to many people are 6'5" 280. There is good reason it has been linked as probably him, without directly reference.
Journalist and the local PD would fry if they released the legal names of the deseaced before all immediate family members received the news and identifyed the body.
We can only hope it is bad reporting, but all signs point to a very sad state of affairs. Prayers and thoughts to his family and friends if it turns out to him. If it doesn't, hope, thoughts, and prayers to finding him.


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Really sad story. I think his last text to his mom was "these concussions have my head really fucked up". I know people who have had similar head injuries. It's no joke... Severe, severe depression caused by the area in the brain that affect mood/happiness becoming damaged. Hopefully this event can help create more awareness and help treat others with similar issues.


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He also apologized if he's an embarassment, which is weird. It sounds a lot like my brother who took his own life.

In the last week he was getting emotional with friends, which never happened, and kind of started to cry saying his parents must have been ashamed he's not a baseball player (he loved baseball and was a really good player in high school). It didn't make any sense, obviously they're not ashamed of him for not being in the majors. He also played high school football for a year at QB but quit because he was getting crushed time after time on the field. He died at 37, so it was a long time before, but who knows if he ever had any undiagnosed concussions. It was over 20 years ago, so that kind of stuff certainly wasn't on the radar. I'll have to ask my mom if there was ever any time he might have seemed like he had something serious. Doesn't help that he was a stubborn guy who never wanted help and didn't wanna take medicine for simple illnesses.

He also hit his head hard slipping in the shower a couple years ago. He seemed fine, but so do a lot of people after concussions. And he didn't live around us and never went to the doctor, so I can't say how bad it was. So yeah, didn't play contact sports for a decade, but it doesn't take long if you take the wrong hits. Just like that RB I'm drawing a blank on who everyone was psyched for and left after a few concussions in one season. Makes me wonder.


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Thoughts and prayers with his family, and, given the text messages prior, more huge questions for football to face.

I must say I was shocked at how little recognition his dissaperence recieved at The Game yesterday.


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for football to face. All contact sports need to do a better job of finding ways to protect kids and adults alike from the long term effects of head trauma. I played at a high level of competitive hockey for 16 years and had seven diagnosed concussions, plus one from a car accident. I'm now going on 25 years old and already suffer from bad anxiety, random bouts of depression, and ocular migraines. When you're still this young and already feel the effects of your past head injuries, the future is a scary prospect. Praying for this kid and his family, something's gotta change...


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hockey just has it ingrained in the culture that you never quit and never "let the boys down". I had that mentality. My first few weren't considered bad concussions so I'd sit out a game or two at most and be good to go. I never felt like it was a problem, just that it was something everyone deals with and heals from. At that point I had never lost consciousness from a concussion so it wasn't taken quite as seriously. It's insane to think back on it and realize how dumb it was, but when you're a kid playing hockey six days a week, 11.5 months out of the year, it's your lifestyle. I loved (and still do love) hockey so much that I couldn't even fathom quitting. At 18 I got knocked out cold getting my head pushed into a bench stantion at full speed, that was my last game of competitive hockey. It took me years to deal with "losing" what I loved and thought was my future. I still live at home, and am fortunate enough to have a very loving, supportive family. They're well aware of my issues and we're very open about it. As of now everything is good, I play adult league hockey with my buds and maintain a good job. Just hope we find ways to at the very least give hope to these kids who are scared of what the future might hold for their mental well being. Thanks for the support guys! Go Blue!


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That's a nice insight into the addictive psychology of players- many times i have read that players feel they can't quit, like they are compelled even though they know it is killing them

Maybe the trick is to find ways to reduce the violence in sports since players aren't going to quit it. I personally don't like seeing guys get popped


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Of the Seahawks and Pete Carroll teaching rugby style tackling. Might have even been here on mgoblog. This tackling method should be utilized and experimented with more often. It would be great to try and get kids from a young age out of the habit of leading with their heads when taking or delivering a hit. 

Rueben Foster laid a huge hit a couple weeks ago on Leonard Fournette, he made the tackle purely with his head at full speed. I don't understand it but you see it quite often, even with RB's and WR's anticipating and taking a big hit by lowering the shoulder and leading with their head. 



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Looselaces, do you have problems sleeping? I wrote something that's above your post about my brother who took his own life and now I'm thinking it at least could be related to head trauma. My brother was always a light sleeper, but it seems it got worse and in the last week of his life he said he had barely slept at all, and I know he didn't sleep at all the night before he did it.


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I've had sleeping problems most of my life but to be honest I attribute them more to heredity. My dad and Grandma both have a lot of trouble sleeping. I have an odd work schedule, often work nights, and am what you'd call a night owl.

The only time it's REALLY hard for me to get any sleep is if I know I have to be up early for anything. Definitely a light sleeper though, if someone so much as opens the door to my room it immediately wakes me up. I also tend to have extremely vivid and bizarre dreams on a nightly basis, to the point where it's often difficult to discern between reality and a dream when I wake up. 


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Head injuries are no joke. I'm concerned that he was scheduled to be at practice at all if he was still suffering from the lingering effects of head trauma. Prayers to his family. RIP.

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were they aware?  This is not a fully aware joke.  What was the university doing to help this guy?  If his family was aware of concussions - I would think the trainers and coachs would be as well.


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... if he committed suicide, it doesn't mean that concussions aren't a relevant topic.  I know a lot of people who have fights with their girlfriends that don't commit suicide.  Clearly, the man had something else horribly wrong in his life.  Whether concussions had an influence on his mental state is a completely legitimate topic.