Bob Ufer vs OSU

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This Bob Ufer audio has been out on the web a few years, but it does not have that many views, and so I thought I would share it here. It really gets you pumped for this Saturday. He has some classic lines in it. Enjoy.  It is two parts.



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"10,000 alumni and 74,000 truck drivers."  No one would ever say such a thing in the corporate, buttoned-up world we live in.  But is there a better way to discribe The Ohio fanbase?  I think not. 


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I wish I could take Ufer down with me.  Have to be satisfied with my tapes of him. Also, sorry to put this here, but I don't have enough points for a separate thread. 2 years ago, there was a post on here about a Michigan friendly place to park for the game in Columbus. It was at a church or something, and I went there and it was great.  Anyone know if that is still a good place to go?  If so, can someone remind me how to get to it? I think I can find it, but a little help would be appreciated. Go Blue!

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an incredible pep rally speech at the Mud Bowl the night before the Michigan-OSU game in 1979.  No notes.  No teleprompter.  Just a ton of passion and knowledge that got the crowd going crazy.  There will never be another Michigan Man like Bob Ufer.

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I remember Ufer, from before he was on WJR and was turned into a kind of a comic hyperpartisan act.  He was a lot of fun in the early days, doing local broadcasts on Ann Arbor AM radio.

But the vague notion that Woody Hayes was some kind of anti-American foil, to Bo Schembechler's "General George S. Patton" (the movie "Patton" was hot at the time; it was rumored that President Nixon had watched it before ordering additional bombing operations in Southeast Asia during the Viet Nam war) has grown a bit ugly with me, given that Hayes actually did serve with distinction as a Lt. Commander in U.S. Naval combat operations in World War II.  And Hayes was a genuine, published authority on military history.  Bo did his two years in the Army in the 50's and promptly got out (a good thing for for football and Michigan). 


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Your bazillion mgopoints and more favorable season tix shame mine... and I certainly respect you exercising your 1st Amendment rights, but I think you're jumping to conclusions in your, ahem, defense of Hayes.

My grandfather flew in the daylight bombing raids prior to fighter escorts over Germany and lived to tell about it (and I wouldn't be here if he didn't)... and as a vet myself, I don't think either one of us believes Ufer's characterization of Hayes is nothing more than entertainment.  But resumes don't matter -- I'm just trying to say, as patriots, we didn't jump to the same conclusion you did.

Hopefully the audience knows that too.

If someone honestly thinks after hearing Bob Ufer Hayes is Anti-American, well, they need a reality check... and that's their problem -- not Ufer's.

Show me a greater ambassador for Michigan football other than Bob Ufer.  It doesn't exist.  If you think Ufer's passion for a school he gave his life to is "comic" or "ugly", that's certainly within your right to exercise such an opinion... but even at least one person from Ohio enjoys Ufer's shtick (

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November 22nd, 2012 at 8:48 AM ^ be Frank Beckmann.  I think he does a truly great job.

Even when Bob Ufer was on WJR at the peak of his popularity (and Ufer was always a great cheerleader for Michigan faithful alumni), he wasn't the best Michigan football broadcaster.  The best in those days was the Michigan Radio team of Tom Hemmingway and Tom Slade.