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Tried doing a google search to find a good collection of Bob Ufer quotes but I was unable to find any that was transcribed and not in audio format. Anyone have a good link? Or feel free to turn this thread into a Bob Ufer quote machine if no such thing exists. I need my fix... 8 days.



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Ufer ALWAYS gets me going!


1.  "Bless his cotton pickin' maize and blue heart"

2. "Yes Sir Ree Sir football fans. This Saturday in the house that yost built, canham carpeted and Schembechler made famous, there will be another great big Meeeeechigan victory!"

3.  It's "the hole that Yost dug, Crisler paid for, Canham carpeted and Bo Schembechler fills every cotton-picking fall Saturday!"

4.  "Ohio Stadium is "10000 alumni and 74000 truck drivers."

5.  "All of us up here in the water wonderland never forget that Ohio is still a four-letter word."

God bless your cotton picken maize and blue heart, Bob.

Blue boy johnson

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"they'll meet a dastardly fate for that one.

"I hope you're  joining in from coast to coast. The coast of Lake Michigan to the coast of Lake Huron.

"look at those wolverines 95 wolverines"

"Dr. Strangehayes"

"I'm getting itchy itchy itchy to blow my Bo 'George Patton' Schembechler scoring horn"

"just like ________ did 27 years ago today little Gordie Bell scampered into the end zone putting Meeechigan up 28-0"

"Two tight ends and a balanced line, Huckelby deep, Davis close, Ricky the peach Leach under center, the ball resting 18 yards in, from this, the western sideline"

Zone Left

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My favorite Ufer line was immediately post Wangler to Carter, "eioqeriooieroueroieruiouioertioerutioerpoiergioerjureiwgpwout."  Repeat for about a minute.  You don't get that kind of enthusiasm anymore.


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Taking out my old Ufer albums:

-He went down that sideline like a penguin with a hot herring in his cummberbund

-The whirling dervish Gordie Bell, he could spend 15 minutes in a phone booth, and he wouldn't even touch the side.

-(when given praise for his work)All I've been doing for these past years is just a labor of love

-(when OSU tore down the M Club banner in 1973)-they have the audacity, the unmitigated gall to tear down the coveted M Club banner that Michigan is going to run out from under.  There isn't a Michigan Man who wouldn't like to go out and scalp those buckeyes right now.

-(one a goaline play against OSU)The give is to Shuttlesworth and he's down to the five...touchdown Franklin, touchdown Dennis Franklin, He fooled me, he fooled everyone.  Dennis Franklin faked the handoff to Ed Shuttlesworth.  The whole Ohio State defense and yours truly went with Shuttlesworth, Franklin went around the right side, picked up a block from Seale at the four and walked into the endzone.

-(when talking about the ADs vote in 1973 that sent OSU to the Rose Bowl)Elephants and Ufer never forget.

-It was November 22, 1969, The words were said, the prayers were read and every body cried.  But when they closed the coffin, it was someone else inide.  They came to bury Michigan, but Michigan wasn't dead, and when the game was over it was someone else instead.  22 Michigan wolverines put on the gloves of gray, and as Revelli played the Victors, they lay Woody Hayes away.

-(after the MSU head coach Daryl Rogers had called Michigan "arrogant asses" at their year-end football banquet.) Today, October 6, 1979 is the day that 22 Michigan arrogant asses put on the gloves of green, and as Richter played the Victors, they picked Daryl Rogers clean.

-(After Bo's first bowl win) 12 long years of waiting, 12 long years of pain, they came they saw they conquered, Bo's won the year's last game.  The Rose Bowl game of 81, M fans will long remember, this win will leave a taste so sweet, right through till next September.


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He's going down the sideline like a penguin with a hot herring under his cumberbun!


(On Gordie Bell) That guy could run 15 minutes in a phone both and not even touch a side!


A gift from Football's Vallahalla


THE AUDACITY!  THE UNMITIGATED GALL!  They will meet a dastardly fate for tearing down the coveted banner.  But the M Men will prevail!  They are putting back up that banner!


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"God BLess his cotton picken maize and blue heart."

"Butch don't call me Harold Woolfolk"

Wangler to Carter TD "He caught and scooted down the field like a penguin with a hot hering in his cumberbund!"